Prayers of Adoration & Confession

Oh Lord, Our God.
You are ever faithful, ever changing, always the same.
Your great love lifts us, brings us here, binds us together in grace. 
You are the breaker of the things which constrict us, the lifter of our burdens, 
the one who invites us to part with our shame and our worry and our grief,
so that we may stand free and straight once more. 

In your presence we are healed of our sicknesses.
In your love we are invited to become whole.
Because of who you are, because of how you love us,
We are called to LOVE OURSELVES, and to love one another
in this endless cycle of life and time. 

Forgive us Lord, for hurting you when we hurt and punish ourselves.
Forgive us when our shame weighs us down emotionally, spiritually and physically.
When we turn our faces to the ground
instead of looking up into your loving, brilliant face.
When the shadows promise to hide us from the things we are avoiding,
trying to convince ourselves that when we can’t see you, you can’t see us. 

We are children compared to the eternity of your wonderful divine.
We pray that you will continue to engage with us,
and invite us to let go of those things which keep us further from connection with you. 

Loving God, you have known us and loved us even before we were formed in our mother’s wombs.
You have called us by name, and appointed us to our tasks on this earth.
When we stray from these paths you have laid before our feet, 

Forgive us. 

Put words of love and healing in our mouths,
Place your wisdom in our hearts
and stand us tall and unafraid 
So that we may build each other up,
So that our roots might grow deep,
Fed and nourished by you, and your eternal love which unites us all. 


This is the best of all: 
when we are empty, God fills us; 
when we are disheartened, God is compassionate;
when we are wounded, God brings healing;
when we are confess our sin, God forgives.
In Christ, through Christ and because of Christ,
our sin is forgiven.
Thanks be to God.  

by Janet Hogan, offered for worship, 25/8

Prayers of the people

God of freedom, whose son set people free on the Sabbath,
e pray for all those who are bound by legalism:
those who are deprived that freedom by customs and convention;
and those who mutter their disapproval of the love and freedom that you create.

We pray for all those whose ethnic, racial or sexual difference is denied by such legalism:
we pray for those whose hopes are suppressed by legalism;
we pray for those whose voices are silenced by unjust laws;
we especially pray for asylum seekers trapped by Australia’s laws. 

God of freedom, whose Son set people free,
e pray for those who work for freedom of others,
for those who journey into the prisons of body mind and soul: 

we pray that they may be strengthened, emboldened, encouraged; 
we pray for those who work with those trapped in addictions,
 for those who seek to lift others out of poverty; 
we pray for those who seek to set people free from mental illness. 

God of freedom whose Son set people free,
help us to help each other in 
the laying hold of your freedom: 
Help us see where we ourselves are bound, and where without realising it we bind others; 
help us treasure the freedom we have to walk the way of following Jesus,
and k
eep us joyful as we freshly encounter him;
keep us hopeful as we are drawn more deeply into his way
unbounded love and grace in the world. 

God of freedom whose Son set people free,
we pray for the church in this and other lands that it may live out this freedom:
keep us alert to ways our institutions and structures can harden and bind; 
grant us the freedom to see the world as you see it and to serve it with the love you have for it; 
grant us the joy of faith to trust what you give us and to live by it. 

by Geoff Thompson, offered for worship, 25/8