Prayers of Adoration & Confession

Watch or 5:34 

Creator God you spoke your Word of love into the chaos
And life emerged, beautiful, glorious, diverse and abundant.
We are witness to life in the ground we walk on, the trees that shade us,
the birds that sing, animals in all shapes and sizes, strange and wonderful.

Jesus, Risen Christ, you spoke words of love with your disciples
And you created a community of followers who went on to speak of love.
We are witnesses to love shared as we go about our daily live
as we protest injustice, as we care for the vulnerable.

Jesus, Word of God, crucified and risen, cornerstone of our faith,
You remind us to love one another just as you have loved us.
We are witnesses to the mystery, the wonder, the beauty of love
to the joy of giving, sharing, breathing, blessing and being.  Amen

Creator God, Risen Christ, Word of God we confess
that sometimes we feel that love is not enough, will never be enough.
Every day we are witnesses to suffering and despair, to greed and anger.
Forgive us when our hearts quail at the enormity of your calling.
Remind us every day that you once hung on a cross
And yet were raised to new life, freed from a stone to love.
Remind us again and again that we too are free to love.  Amen

Jesus said to his disciples ‘For this reason the Father loves me,
because I lay down my life in order to take it up again.’
We are disciples of Jesus, called to witness to live in truth and action.
We can be confident then that in Christ, through Christ and because of Christ
Our sin is forgiven.  Thanks be to God.  Amen

Saide Cameron, offered for worship, 25/04/2021, Easter 4B

Prayers of the People

Watch or 43:13

Breath is life, and as we breathe and expand our lungs,
we breathe in our God, the Good Shepherd, and the Spirit.

Let us pray.

We open ourselves to you, our Mother, Father, Saviour, Friend, and as we breathe in,
fill us with the gifts that come with being a child of God.
Create the space in our lives for your New Commandment, for love, forgiveness, grace,
and mercy, so we can be your messengers and your disciples.

Creator God
We pray for unity in our world. We could achieve so much if we work together,
to fight the changes in our climate;
to get vaccines to poor countries as well as rich;
to fight prejudice in all its forms, be it colour, gender, race, religion, or age.
Especially today we pray for survivors of all wars and for those who mourn.
We pray for an end to the futility of wars waged by the power hungry and the greedy,
so people can live in safety.

Mother and Father God,
we pray for our communit, for our families and friends.
Embrace, hold and give comfort, strength and hope
to those who walk through the valley of suffering.
We pray for your Church and for those who search for God throughout the world,
that we are all inspired by your spirit.

Friend and Saviour
We pray for this place and for our people, spread wide today,
that your love and your New Commandment shines through us.
We come for renewal and go out into our lives filled with the breath of God
praying these things in the name of Jesus, our Good Shepherd who walks with us.


Helen Burnham, offered for worship 25/04/2021, Easter 4B