Prayers of Adoration & Confession

Creator God, you are the source of all life
Our thoughts, our dreams, our creative inspirations
have their source in the abundance of your love.
You surround us with beauty, mystery and wonder
reminding us constantly that in you we have fullness of life.

Christ our Saviour, you walked on earth, fully human.
Your stories, your teachings, your living and dying
tell us and show us how to live as your people.
You send us out to do your work even in our imperfection
reminding us constantly that we are called to follow you.

Spirit Song, you whisper and rage in the depth of our souls.
You fill our hearts with unquenchable fire
giving us ideas to share, words to speak, songs to sing.
You compel us to rise up and leave our safe places
reminding us to work for justice and peace, offering hope in the darkness.

Creator God we confess that this world we live in, your gift to us
is suffering from humanity’s inability to live in harmony with all creation
Kyrie eleison, kyrie eleison
Kyrie eleison, kyrie eleison

Christ our Saviour we confess that your teachings, your stories
are often misunderstood, ignored, corrupted, despised
Kyrie eleison …

Spirit Song we confess that your whispering, raging voice
is often overwhelmed by the cares and demands of our small busy lives.
Kyrie eleison …

Our God love us, calls us and sends us out.
Let us rejoice as we hear and respond to Christ’s words of grace to us
‘Your sins are forgiven’.

Thanks be to God.  Amen

by Saide Cameron, offered for worship 25/11/18, Reign of Christ Year B

Prayers of the people

Creator God we pray for all creation
For the groaning of creation, suffering under the weight of our consumption
For displaced people, suffering the despair of grief, loss and oppression
We give thanks for the wonder of science seeking to find solution,
and for people who leave their safe places to bring hope and care to others.
May we too respond as we are able.

Saviour Christ we pray for the church
For leaders, organisations, gatherings of ordinary people seeking to do your will
For all who suffer in the name of and at the hands of the church
We give thanks for the many who speak out against injustice, risking their lives,
and for the many who live out their faith every day in word, in action, in love, in hope.
May we be the body of Christ

Spirit Song we pray for our community
For people who are lost and lonely, hungry in heart and body, suffering illness and despair
For all who come with stories to share, gifts to offer, brokenness to be held, griefs to be honoured.
We give thanks for this congregation, for the Olive Way and the Asylum Seeker Welcome Centre,
places of welcome and love where so many people have found a home, a safe place to be.
May we be your heart and hands


by Saide Cameron, offered for worship 25/11/18, Reign of Christ, Year B