Prayers of Adoration & Confession


God of the deeps,
Who calls wonders out of chaos.
Quell our turbulence
for we are lost in tumult.
Speak stillness to our storms.

Now in this sorrow, help us to stay with the trouble;
in affliction, grant us courage.
Amidst confusion, lend us clarity,
and when we’re bewildered, help us find our resolve.

Move our hearts to forgiveness, may we know your mercy.
Where there is blame let us listen without judgement.
And if self-pity arrives to our doorstep, let there be no shame,
but grow in us a wider compassion for ourselves and others.

Remind us of joy – may we dwell and delight in it,
and always, always, awaken us to laughter.
Shake us with the goodness of belly-aching mirth.

Give us insight for articulate, powerful protest,
and the patience to be generous citizens of loss.
May we listen for what we are called to be and do.
Let us tend to the yearning to love you, Holy One;
to follow the Human One;
to be enfolded by Mystery.

Julie Perrin, offered for worship 23/8/2020, Pentecost 12A
from Julie’s upcoming book: “Tumult – prayers and stories of grief and solace”.

Prayers of the people


God of Moses, Jesus and Jambi,
We pray for the renewal of the world

A world where some have papers and can enter, and others can’t,
where a boy who couldn’t swim hopped in a makeshift boat
to cross the English Channel in his bid for asylum … and drowned

A world where democracy is under threat,
-In Belarus, where hundreds of people have been imprisoned after days of protest over a disputed election result
-In the US where the postal service is being run down and letter boxes removed to compromise postal voting

A world where corruption and self interest put lives at risk
-In Beirut where not only have hundreds of people been killed and injured after the warehouse explosion,
but hundreds of thousands of people have been left homeless and large parts of their city destroyed.

In the midst of hopelessness, in places of death
may new life come.

We pray for the renewal of the church.
Where our spaces are empty and our doors are closed
For BUC,
For the churches in our presbytery,
For presbyteries in our Synod.

In the midst of emptiness,
may we rediscover what being the gathered people of God can mean.

We pray for our community
For those we used to see so often but haven’t seen for ages
For those of us who are ill, are lonely, are isolated.
For those of us who struggle to have a cooked meal,
For those of us for whom isolation is not new,
and a lack of social contact is all too familiar.

May we reach out.
May everyone have a place to flourish and grow,
and know what it is to be loved as a child of God.


Kirsty Bennett, offered for worship 23/08/2020, Pentecost 12A