Prayers of Adoration & Confession

God of grace and wonder,
you reveal your presence in radiant glory and gracious gentleness to this needy world.
On mountain tops and the lowly plains,
in classrooms and hospital beds, in homes and churches,
on city streets and by flowing streams,
you visit us with your transforming spirit.
Yours is the presence that frees us from fear;
yours is the touch that transforms our doubts.
Your voice speaks what is true.
We come before you in this time of worship
to dwell in your goodness and offer you the praise you deserve.

God of mercy and forgiveness, now
we come to you, confessing those things that distract us from your presence.
Greed and pride lead us to think we can rely on our own strength.
Disappointments and anger linger, turning us from your mercy.
Other voices interrupt us so that we fail to hear your call to service.
Touch us again with the mystery of your grace.
Shape our will to yours, so we can dwell more closely with you and with one another
in a fellowship of love and learning.
These things we pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

God’s messengers proclaim to us: Do not be afraid!
God’s forgiveness shines into the world and scatters the darkness.
The morning star rises in our hearts and we are made new.
Thanks be to God for God’s enduring love through Christ our Lord.

Yoo Mi Park, offered for worship 23/02/2020, Transfiguration Sunday A

Prayers of the people

Creator God of the mountains and valleys,

We come to you at different parts of the journey. We come to you trying to begin the climb, where we are tired, exhausted from another week of work, study, of laundry, dishes, housework, moving, travelling. Our lives have become overwhelmed with not having enough time. Help us to follow you, God, wherever you lead us, and be with us during our own moments in the valley.

Help us put on our boots to begin the climb. Help us to find strength to get up for the journey. As it is in the moments of our weariness that you come, Lord Jesus. For when we hunger and thirst, when we forget to take a breath, we come to you, to the table you have prepared for us. May we share in the beautiful feast with others in our lives.

Help us to open our minds to understand you are our guide and our compass to the mountain top. Help open our eyes to see your love shining forth in dazzling brightness, and in majestic beauty.

Guide us to the mountain top where we can see all that you have created, walk along side us every part of our journey, and then help us to not stay at the mountain top, but learn from Peter that we are to go into the valley, where your ministry lies.

Help us be your disciples. Open our hands to join together in the work and ministry you call us to do. Guide us during hardships at home and abroad. Guide our leaders to peaceful discernment on how to govern our nation. Guide our fists not to be clinched in anger, but open and clasped with our neighbours. Help grant each one of us the knowledge that you have called all of us to ministry.

Help us to understand our gifts and our joys to share with the world.

God, our mother and our father, our parent to us whenever we need: we come praying that your dazzling glory may fill this, your church, and may the glory enter into each of us as we breathe today. Grant your people the energy to take this dazzling light and love into the world wherever there is darkness, despair, persecution, violence, disunity and disharmony. Hear our prayer, O God, to unite together as a common people of humanity.

With each breath we come praying for the ones close to us, for the names and people written on our hearts and minds. Grant them strength, hope, peace, joy, and love God that in the dark times, in times of despair, we join together collectively praying for each one of our loved ones and of our community both local and global.

Open our eyes to see Elijah and Moses at the top of the mountain, remove the veil, speak to us your word, showing us the way. Open our eyes to see Peter, that even when we want to stay on the mountain, and build houses there, that we don’t miss the point. That you call us to climb down the mountain, no matter how much we wish to stay at the glorious top. Help us to see Jesus, climbing down the mountain, leading us down and out into the world to the ministry of your people, to our brothers and sisters. 

Open our ears to hear God in the clouds saying, “This is my beloved son whom I have chosen. Listen to him!”

Open our hearts to love all who we come in contact with. Sharing your love with others, and allowing our own hearts to be opened as well.

Help us to keep climbing, aid us on our journey, that with all of our senses open, with our full bodies present, you are there with us, and we will be there for one another.  Amen

James Balsillie and Quilan Goff,  offered for worship 23/02/2020, Transfiguration Sunday A