Acknowledgement of Country

Over the next few weeks, during our Season of Creation, we will build a picture of the seven annual seasons of our local area, identified by the people of the Kulin Nation by associating changes in the weather with the life cycles of indigenous plants and animals, and movements in the night sky.

We will begin with the season we are in now:
Poorneet Tadpole Season (October and November)
Temperatures are rising but the rain continues.
Pies Currawongs call loudly and often.
Flax-lillies are flowering.
Bulen-bulen (Superb Lyrebird) males have finished displaying.
The flowering of plants such as Myrnong (Yam Daisy) indicates the tubers are ready for eating.
Days and nights are of equal length.

A flax lily in flower, picked from our garden in the front of the hall is placed on the cross.

We acknowledge and respect
the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nation,
the traditional custodians of this land
since time immemorial.
We are learning that the land
is not ours to own, but to look after;
and that if we listen, we may hear in it
the calling of the eternal Spirit.
Responding to this call, 
we commit ourselves 
to work for justice, reconciliation,
and care of the earth.

Amelia Ware and Julie Perrin, offered for worship 22/9/19, Season of Creation 1

Prayers of Adoration & Confession

Spirit whose breath moves upon the waters
You are the Name before names were spoken
You set the foundations of the world
Unleashed the green and growing things
Cradled creatures into being.
This Earth is your love, your speech.

You are the Holy One who speaks beauty through creation
You set the foundations of the world we have now gouged
You cradled creatures we have abandoned to homelessness.
You love this Earth we have so utterly blighted.
We come in shame and sorrow for the arrogance of our times,
the entitlement of our culture.

We’ve ignored the signs of distress
We have seen only ourselves, curved in upon our human hungers
Allowed ourselves to believe lies because protesting was too troubling.
We confess we have consumed a false peace that has come at the cost of people and creatures we cannot see.

This feels unforgiveable. We do not know what to ask.
Yet it is you, Holy One, who speaks to us from the darkness
You know sorrow and death, you know our fear.
Let there be greening, birth from the burning
Give us eyes to see and ears to hear.

God of the deeps,
Who calls wonders out of chaos
Quell our turbulence
For we are lost in tumult
Speak stillness to our storms.

Listen to the word
that God speaks from the whirlwind,
the voice behind creation,
the word of life and light and grace
which sets us free to be cocreators in Christ:

Your sin is forgiven. Thanks be to God

Julie Perrin, offered for worship 22/9/19, Season of Creation 1

Prayers of the people

Creator, Word and Light,

We hold before you the water
The water of the deep, home to creatures and plant life. Full of mystery yet to be understood
The water of the rivers, running through country to the ocean, providing irrigation, giving life, source of fun,
The water in our homes, clean, safe to drink, fresh, available.

Help us respect and care of the ocean, and not see it as a plaything to conquer and pollute.
Help us treasure the flowing water that nourishes all creatures,
leaving it to course along its way and be shared by many,
Help us use water wisely, knowing the privilege we have, the luxury we have,
as we can turn on a tap rather than go to a well.
May all people have access this precious resource.

We hold before you the trees
The leaves of the eucalypts that have stood on this land for millennia,
The boughs of the trees that provide homes to so many creatures,
The canopies that provide shelter and shade.

Help us understand and encourage the wisdom of the first people of this land,
who have cared for country for thousands of years and offer us a welcome with leaves.
Help us protect the forests, so that they may continue to support life in all its diversity
Help us take care as we build and develop, that we do not destroy
the shelter and shade that the natural world can offer us and all the species.

We hold before you the earth
The soil that supports our crops,
The air that we breathe to sustain life,
The planet that struggles as a result of our focus on growth, on accumulating, on having more.

Help people everywhere to breathe fresh air, free of contaminants caused by our way of life and thoughtlessness,
Help us stop and look around, and hear the voice of the smallest creatures rather than the largest,
and live so that all may have a chance to thrive on this planet.

Breathgiver, Holy One, may we turn to you,
and live lightly on this earth and listen to it
so that we may hear you speaking to us through it.  Amen.

Kirsty Bennett, offered for worship 22/9/19, Season of Creation 2