Prayers of Adoration

Watch or 7:79

Restless God in the beginning you brooded over cosmic chaos
And breathed love and life in wondrous beauty and abundance
A home for all people, all creatures, all living things to abide in unity.
You are our God, breath of life, love and harmony.  We adore you.

Wind whisperer, Jesus, son of God, you rebuked the wind
And breathed peace and calm before the storm to come
Gathering your disciples then and us today to follow you.
You are our Teacher, story teller and truth giver.  We adore you.

Dream maker, Holy Spirit you inspire us in our living
Singing joy, bringing hope, raging against injustice
Opening our hearts and drawing us out into the world.
You are the fire in our hearts and the poetry in our souls.  We adore you.

Prayers of Confession

Truth telling and truth giving God,
we confess that very often we hide from truth.

You call us to stand straight and tall in the sunlight,
when we would prefer to crouch and stumble in the dark.

You call us to open our eyes wide and to see your world
as it truly is, in all its complexity and confusion,
all its shades of good and bad.

We confess that we often know you are calling us
in the big and small moments of our day
and yet we live as if this were not true,
as if you were not offering us abundant life in every moment.

Forgive us God for preferring a quiet life to a full life,
a half-truth to the full truth of your love for us and all creation.

Declaration of Forgiveness

Sisters and brother, friends of God.
Do not despair, you are precious to God
and God never tires of calling and inviting you
into the full life God has in store for us all.

Rejoice! You are called! Rejoice! You are loved!
We can be confident then that in Jesus Holy name
Our sin is forgiven
Thanks be to God.  Amen.

Saide Cameron, offered for worship, 20/06/2021, Pentecost 4B Refugee Sunday
Prayer of Confession and Declaration of Forgiveness
written by 
Rev. Paul Turley, Clayton Wesley UC, Synod Refugee Advocacy Group

Prayers of the people

Watch or 55:03

Mother God

Sit with us, we pray
As our heads whirl with the news of the week
The stories of cases, and lockdowns
Borders and restrictions
Storms and power cuts
Chaos and suffering

The stories that hit close to home
And the stories that make us grieve for elsewhere

Help us to find the calm centre
To steer a clear path
Of hope and kindness

Give us the strength
To reach out to others instead of folding into ourselves
To choose openness, even when our borders are closed

On this Refugee Sunday
Let us celebrate the generous gifts and talents
Shared by those who have sought a home with us
Let us remember our own migrant pasts
As we journey towards a new wholeness

As Jesus reached out to the outcast
We pray for those whose refugee journeys are incomplete
For those seeking asylum who have been locked up indefinitely
For those in the Park Prison and in MITA
Help us to support them, and support those who advocate for their freedom
To become part of our community

We pray for leaders to show bravery and kindness
To lead with generous spirits

We pray for strength for our churches
Doing important work of reaching out and building connections

We pray for our community
For all our members
Those who feel happy today
And those who feel despair
We are all part of a great whole

We thank you for the gift of community
Of all our diverse members
And hope that we may continue to grow
And change


Simone Alesich, offered for worship 20/06/2021, Pentecost 4B, Refugee Sunday