Prayers of Adoration & Confession

God who delights in us,
We rejoice in the wonder of your creation,
providing all that we need.

Forgive us for being ungracious and thankless guests
and encourage us to listen for and respond in faithfulness
to the cry of the Earth and all who live here with us.

Jesus, nourishing light of the world,
“Guide us into paths unknown,” as we follow your example
of being at once a host and a guest in a community of celebration.

Forgive us for not welcoming others with a willingness
to make space for them or be changed by their presence.

Give us the courage to sincerely listen and to be vulnerable
in the places where we hold power.

Holy Spirit, guiding light,
a glimmer of hope to nourish our hearts.

We are amazed at your power to unite and shape us,
as together we becomesomething more
than an individual imagination would be capable.

Forgive us for the times we have defined ourselves
in opposition to rather than in relationship with others.
Encourage us to create new identities in your love
and to share your love with those around us,
that as we draw closer to your light,
we may see one another as you see us and know us.


As we continue onwards, day by day
endeavouring to walk in the light of the Lord,
believe the Good News that comes from God:
In Christ we are forgiven.

Thanks be to God

by Amelia Ware, offered for Worship, 20/1

Prayers of the people

Holy God, who brings people to freedom,
We pray that our world becomes a place of greater hospitality.
We pray for those living under oppressive governments,
We pray for those living in places of conflict and war,
We pray for those living in places of occupation,
We pray for those living in places of poverty, where there is malnutrition and disease,

We pray for those who have left their homes as refugees,
for a place of welcome where they can start new lives in safety.
And this week, as we head towards Australia Day,
we pray especially for Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islanders,
who continue to bear the scars of colonization;
help us, as newcomers, to listen, to be sorry, and to work for reconciliation.

In your mercy, hear our prayer

Spirit who fills and strengthens us,
We pray that our church becomes a place of greater hospitality.
That those who have been excluded by your church are welcomed fully, with open arms.
That those who are within the church are brave enough to extend the circle of welcome.
We pray for all those who serve on committees and councils
for all ministers and administrators,
for those who lead worship through music and prayer,
for those who teach and care for our children.
For our moderator, Sharon and our president Deidre.
We pray that, together we will extend your welcome to all.

In your mercy, hear our prayer

Christ of compassion and healing,
we pray for those in our community who are in need.
We pray that our city becomes a place of greater hospitality.
A place where all people can live safely, with the support they need.
For those who are unwell at home or in hospital, bring peace and healing.
For those who are lonely, out of work, facing change, bring joy and courage.
For those who are tired, overwhelmed, in demand, bring strength and perseverance.
For those who are experience fear and anxiety, bring hope and wholeness.
For those who are grieving, bring comfort

In your mercy, hear our prayer

We pray all these things in the name of Christ, our brother, and our redeemer,


by Natalie Sims, offered for Worship 20/1