Prayers of Adoration & Confession

God, from whom all blessings flow,
Thank you for breathing your Spirit into the world
and working to bring us closer to your Kingdom.

Let us not stand back and wait for a miracle to save the precious life of our planet,
but work towards freeing the world from the burden of our over consumption
and refusal to perceive the consequence of our actions.

Inspire us with the miracle of each new day,
‘to open prison doors and make the blind to see.’

Jesus, bringer of the Spirit,
Thank you for showing us the miracles
to be found in one another and in community,
and for the gift of a meal eaten together at one table,
from one loaf and one cup.

Forgive us for not following your ways of empathy and forgiveness.
Remind us to use the strength of our arms with kindness,
‘to heal the broken heart and set the captive free.’

Holy Spirit, who moves us with love, courage, hope and joy,
Let us always know that we carry with us the love of God, given to us through Jesus,
so that we may be one, just as they are one.

‘The Spirit of the Lord is now upon us.’


Believe the good news that comes from God, in Christ we are forgiven.

Thanks be to God.

by Amelia Ware, offered for worship, 2/6/19

Prayers of the people

God before us, around us, within us.
God of the unseen moment and the hidden act.
God of days, ordinary, mild.
God of miracle and surprise,
we spread our thoughts and prayers before you,
A patchwork quilt of hope.

We cast our gaze wide into the world,
looking for the green shoots of your blooming:
Humility in power,
Justice before self-interest
Chains of detention broken by love…

Where are your hands at work?
In the suffering?
In the gloat of the victorious?
In the avalanche of plastic clogging our oceans?

We are your hands at work,
following in the steps of the one
who was first crucified before knowing the miracle of resurrection.

Move with us, Living Spirit,
and give us heart as we act to transform our world and its ways.
And among those we serve nearby, we seek your grace and touch.

Enable us to be beacons of hope to those who struggle:
Welcoming smiles, supportive hands, gifters of time and energy,
fellow-travellers, patient and forgiving – of ourselves as much as any;

Let us be the miracle others see and experience.
We are all in this together, but in Jesus you have shown us the light that shines beyond despair.

May we share this insight, this joy, this happy momentum to our days
with love and thanksgiving to all we encounter, here, in our community.

And what of us, then, ‘we happy few’, we band of buskers trumpeting good news?

What of us?
Well nothing more than this:
To love and be loved;
To hold and be held;
To watch and to wait;
To dream and to act;
And most of all,
To follow in the footsteps of our Saviour,
Knowing that he leads us
not into easy victory, but into the hard places;
not into a world of our design but a kingdom of God’s doing;
discouraged, but not defeated;
hopeful but not complacent;

And expectant, yes, expectant.
For that wink, that hint, that unexplainable moment –
that miracle…
that whispers ‘remember’…

Remember who is in charge and whom you serve,
In and through all things,
In the beauty and the bruising,


by Peter and Julie McKinnon, offered for worship, 2/6/19.