Prayers of Adoration & Confession

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Song:  Come all you people

Come all you people, Come and praise your Maker,
Come all you people, Come and praise your Maker,
Come all you people, Come and praise your Maker,
Come now and worship the Lord.

Come all you people, come and praise your Saviour…

Come all you people, come and praise the Spirit…

U-ya-i mo-se, ti-na-ma-te Mwa-ri
U-ya-i mo-se, ti-na-ma-te Mwa-ri
U-ya-i mo-se, ti-na-ma-te Mwa-ri
u-ya-i mo-se zvi-no

Let us pray,

God of new mornings, constant flow of life,
Forgive us for all the miracles that pass us by unseen and without notice.
Show us how to sustain ourselves with your daily gift of life,
Lead us to new understandings as we seek to sing the song of our maker.

Jesus, who walks by our side,
Forgive us for the times we have abandoned those who rely on our kindness.
Remind us of the effect that our attention and appreciation can have on others,
And guide us to listen with sensitivity.

Holy Spirit, constant presence of love,
Forgive us for when we have clung tightly to unhelpful ways.
Help us to have faith that you will stay with us when we change direction
And step into the places where we are needed, even as we feel vulnerable and unsure.

Believe the Good News that comes from God: In Christ we are forgiven.
Thanks be to God.

Amelia Ware, offered for worship 02/10/2022, Pentecost 17

SONG:  Come all you people, from Come all you people, ©1995 WGRG, Iona Community, Wild Goose Publications, Iona Community, Glasgow, Scotland  Reproduced with permission under ONE LICENCE # 604502, ALSO Reproduced with permission by CCLI license no. 247623

Prayers of the people

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Let us come together in prayer.

Like those Israelites who sat down remembering, by the waters of Babylon,
we can feel that we are powerless as our world is reeling from one problem to another.
From two years of Covid, from financial problems, from Global warming, from wars and violence.

But we remember the steadfast love of our God that never ceases.

We pray for all those who suffer, and those who work for an end to suffering,
in war and violence in so many countries, persecution of racial and religious minorities,
discrimination in all its forms of colour, race, sex, sexual orientation,
religion, disability, poverty, sickness.

We pray for a safe place for those seeking refuge, food for the hungry, medical attention,
the right to go to school for girls in so many countries, for religious freedom,

We remember your mercies never come to an end.

We pray for our world, for the soil we walk, for the air we breathe,
for the food we eat, and the water we drink.

We pray for unity of purpose all over our world and that the people and Governments
will have the strength of purpose to make the necessary changes.
We pray for all those who are suffering from climate change already.
For islands and coastlines disappearing beneath the oceans, for melting ice caps,
for drought, flood, fire, famine, hurricanes and earthquakes.
We pray that we learn to listen to the spirit of our land as our First Nations people
e have for centuries, to save your unique creation here on this island and all over the world.

We remember your love and mercies are new every morning.

We pray for our Community here in Brunswick, for all of us who call this place our home.
For those who work here and those who come here seeking you.
For all who come together to worship in the church or on line.
We pray that we always speak your word, and show your love and
that we can learn to forgive as we have been forgiven.
We pray for the Church throughout the world, for tolerance and cooperation
between people of faith, working together to make your kingdom come,
for your will to be done here on Earth.

We pray these things knowing your love, mercy
and your great faithfulness never end, in the name of our saviour Jesus Christ


Helen Burnham, offered for worship 02/10/2022, Pentecost 17