God speaks to King Solomon in a dream …

Prayers of Adoration & Confession

Loving God, together we lift our prayers you.
We delight in studying all that you have made:
The beauty of magnolia and wattle,
The diversity of the plant and animal kingdoms,
The intricacy of the human body,
The vastness of the universe,
Your creation is full of honour and majesty, and your righteousness endures forever.

Merciful Christ, together we lift our prayers you.
We love to hear the stories of the wonders you performed,
Feeding the hungry,
Healing the sick,
Challenging the authorities with a different kind of power.
You are our example of grace and humility, and inspire us to work for justice.

Generous Spirit, together we lift our prayers to you.
You have moved through the earth since the beginning of creation,
And still you work in and through us,
Giving us imagination and creativity,
Bringing skill to hands that paint, and knit, and carve, and build,
And melody to instruments and voices lifted in praise.
You give us the skills and strength we need to bring about your vision for our world.

Loving God, Merciful Christ, Generous Spirit,we turn to you in confession.
For those times when we turn our minds away from you, and look for hope in other things: popularity, money, glamour, power.
For those times when we are so distracted by so many things that we fail to notice your presence.
For our failure to spend time in prayer, or to put time aside to study our faith.
Sometimes we just do not think enough.
And then, sometimes we overthink everything.
Forgive us.

Grant us wisdom. Grant us courage.
You who created us, with minds capable of the most amazing thoughts,
help us to seek true Wisdom, give us quietness in our minds,
help us to be mindful of your presence and your guidance.

Sisters and brothers, remember the good news.
Through Christ, our living bread, our brother, our saviour, our sin is forgiven.
Thanks be to God. Amen.

Natalie Sims, 19/8/18, Pentecost 13

Prayers of the people

A moments silence to feel Gods wise and discerning heart.

Let us pray …….

Lady Wisdom, sourced from the Creator , her Guide.
She is universal, coexisting with God ,
living manifested through Jesus and us if we choose to listen & embrace..

She loves, she is wise with compassion, balanced
She heeds us to fear God…. Not trembling in fear & anguish &  terror
But in reverence, with our whole being and heart, in respect &  awe.
Like a child ,as Solomon asked humbly, simply,
seeking the  discernment of Wisdom as a gift from God .

We pray for the leaders of Governments, those representing us,
corporations, militaries, religious bodies, the Church, NGO’s,
powerful decision makers and communities here and throughout the world,
may they remember and be filled with the wisdom of Solomon,
Listening  for that insight with love and compassion oh leaders of today ,
may they know that their  words, their  actions have power to harm,
to incite fear, to let loose hatred of the ‘other’, to traumatize  those already wounded  …..
May they understand ‘to be careful how they walk,’  for there are consequences.

May they  be filled with Lady Wisdom
to decide to speak and walk in deep loving humble discernment.
May they be filled  with compassion and walk with the Wise,
in Jesus name, we pray.  Amen.

Jenne Perlstein, 19/8/18, Pentecost 13


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