Prayers of Adoration & Confession


Immortal, unknowable God, creator of all that is,
Invisible, Holy spirit, full of wisdom,
Ancient and living Christ, source of forgiveness,
How we long to see your face,
to know the intricacies of your creation,
to understand your mind,
to know what lies before us.

God who first loved us,
Hold us in our anxiety, forgive our impatience and self-interest,
Hold our world, and our worries for the world, in your arms of love.

Help us, in this time of rest, to abide in the healing love that you provide.
In the midst of our despair, remind us again of your love and compassion…

Let us continue to pray in song:  God’s Mercy (Sheree Anderson)

Like the sun upon my skin
I can smile and soak it in
And my wounds begin to heal
That’s God’s mercy

Like a fragrance in the air
Scent to lighten my despair
Loving kindness always there
That’s God’s mercy.

When I’m feeling lost from all that’s good
When I’m failing all the good I would
When I fear that all I ever could become lies wasted
When I can’t reach out, accept, forgive
When it’s hard to change the way I live
When my need for care, for love, to give, are all frustrated

Like a flower opening wide
Glow of love that spreads inside
Humble gift to breach my pride
That’s God’s mercy

Loving gaze upon my soul
Seeing all complete and whole
Healing vision to console
That’s God’s mercy

When I’m feeling  . . .

Gentle breath upon my heart
Warm embrace that takes my part
Place of strength from where I start
That’s God’s mercy
For me,
For me,
For me.

Sisters and brothers, God knows you by name.
God knows your sorrows: for yourself, for our world.
God loves you, God loves the world, with an everlasting love.
Through Christ, in Christ, and because of Christ, our sin is forgiven.
Thanks be to God.

Natalie Sims, offered for worship, 18/10/2020, Pentecost 20A

Prayers of the people


Loving God who sees us and holds us
We pray for the world:. may wise leaders feel inspired to lead with integrity and passion.
May we all feel the wind settle and finally see a way through this storm.
May we see the face of God in our world.
As Moses asked ‘Please, show me You glory’
Please, show us Your glory.

We pray for the Church: may the people of the Church find meaning, strength, hope.
May church communities that cannot gather, feel connected to us all.
May the Merri Creek continue to be a real and symbolic link between many of us:
a small place of dreaming, and spirit. May we see the face of God in our community.
As Moses asked ‘Please, show me Your glory’
Please, show us Your glory’

We pray for those in need. We pray for those struggling with their mental health and their carers:
may they feel held. May they feel our compassion, and our admiration.
We pray for those mourning lost loved ones: may they find peace.
May they feel hands reaching out to hold them as the grieve.
We pray for those mourning friends:
may they suddenly recall a hilarious moment, and laugh again.
May we see the face of God in our loved-ones.
As Moses asked ‘Please, show me Your glory’
Please, show us Your glory’

In the name of Christ, son of Mary: the brother who walks with us.  Amen

Jim Kilpatrick, offered for worship, 18/10/2020, Pentecost 20A