Prayers of Adoration & Confession

God of justice, love and peace
You spoke creation into being with love
Seeding life, blessing the evolution
of all that was, is and ever will be.

You breathed life into humanity
just one small part of your creation
and shaped us to care for your abundant gift
so that all might live justly and in peace.

Christ among us, teacher and healer
You stand with us on a level place
speaking truth into the dark places of our hearts
showering blesses into our parched souls.
You welcome the stranger, feed the hungry
weep with those who mourn
touch any who seek your loving embrace
and you call us to do the same.

Holy Spirit, great liberator
you are everywhere and in all things
present in and witness to the suffering
of those who have no voice.

You urge us out of comfort zones
breathing life, singing joy,
spreading comfort, soothing hurts
lifting up the lowly, bringing peace.


Great Creator, Son and Spirit we confess
that your creation, our home, is too often
not a haven of justice, love and peace
not a level place where all are treated equally
not a sanctuary for those who are poor
for those who hunger and weep.

Forgive us for our lack of action,
for our complicity in the status quo.
Help us to be your voice in the world
Shape us to be your hands and feet
your beating heart, your cup of blessing.


by Saide Cameron, offered for worship, 17/2

Prayers of the people

God of justice, love and peace we pray for our world
We pray people everywhere who live in fear
for whom the hope of justice and peace is faint.

We pray for countries at war, plagued by famine
ruled by corrupt, self-serving leaders.

We pray for our precious, fragile environment
at the mercy of humanity’s unstinting need.

We give thanks for people who in the midst of this turmoil
stand fast to shine your light into the world’s need
calling us into action, reminding us that
every small thing we do makes a difference.

Help us to work for justice and peace
in our everyday lives and maybe even
now and then in some quite extraordinary way.
How blessed are you who are poor the kingdom of God is yours.

Christ among us, we pray for the church
bodies of people gathering everywhere
working with you to reshape the world with love.

We pray for the leaders of all faiths,
that they may speak truth and offer blessing.

We pray for our leaders, our President Deidre Palmer,
Moderator Sharon Hollis, Presbytery leaders
and our own Ministry Team and Church Council.

We give thanks for their faithful leadership
for their courage, their passion, their conviction.

We give thanks for people of faith everywhere
who live out your gospel truth offering care
to those in need no matter their circumstances.

Help us to be your faithful people, one body.
How blessed are you who are poor the kingdom of God is yours

Holy Spirit, great liberator we pray for our community.
We pray for people who are alone and lonely.
We pray for fragile people hidden away in plain sight.
We pray for all who grieve for losses, big and small.
We pray for those who are ill in body, mind or soul.
We pray for people suffering discrimination and despair.
We give thanks for open doors, open hearts, open minds.
We give thanks for caring hands and listening ears.
We give thanks for the ministry of the Olive Way,
the Olive Arts Collective, our Pastoral Care committees.

We give thanks for the joy of being in community here.
Help us to be always open, always ready, always willing
to welcome the stranger, to connect with the outsider
to be your voice, your hands, your blessing in this community.


by Ray Cameron, offered for worship, 17/2