Prayers of Adoration & Confession

Come, our God of love and peace,
Whose reign is whispering on the wind and rising with the sun.
Come Emmanuel, Come O dayspring, key of David, branch of Jesse,
wonderful counsellor, everlasting God and prince of peace.
Come great Lord of might, mother of creation, spirit of joy and hope.

Come Messiah, lamb of God, Good Shepherd, tender master and faithful friend.
Come Holy Wisdom, Sophia, daughter of eternity, image of the invisible God,
in whom all things were made and in whom all things hold together.

Come and raise the song of Mary upon the breath of God.
Burn in our hearts the fires of your justice, and turn our hands to the coming of your kingdom.
May we be led by guidance of Mary into deeper knowledge of you, into wider generosity and greater love.
Have mercy when we in this time of waiting become fixated on material things, but give us clear eyes to see injustice and put it to right.

Lord Jesus, you who did not count equality with God as something to be grasped but humbled yourself a servant, make us servants of each other, that every mouth may be fed, and that in this season of joy all loneliness, dislocation and alienation may be overcome.

Turn soon the world on its axis,
Wipe away all tears, put to shame the proud and certain, crush the spear and rod of the tyrant,
and soothe the rage of the nations.

Come, O Come Emmanuel.

In Christ, the God whom we worship was carried and delivered by the strength and pain of a woman.
Through Christ, the God we worship loved, wept, raged, suffered and died.
Surely he has borne our griefs and carried our sorrows.
Through Christ, and because of Christ, our sin is forgiven.

Thanks be to God.

by Daniel Broadstock, offered for worship 17/12

Prayers of the people

We are waiting. Waiting for Hope, waiting for Peace, waiting for Joy. Waiting for a baby to be born.
Waiting for people to remember the baby and not just the man in a red suit.
Come Lord Jesus, won’t you come?

God of generosity and love, Hear our cries for those who have been rendered homeless through war and conflict.
For the women, the children, the men, who have had to flee danger and threat; for all who seek to bring relief and hope;
for all who seek to bring peace and resolution, in the Syrian conflict and wherever there is violence, deprivation, and despair. 

Come Lord Jesus, won’t you come?
We pray today for all these things.  For joy in the ordinary moments of life..
That a woman can bear a child and not wonder how she is going to feed another mouth.
We pray these things for all who leave their homes because they fear for their lives.
Come Lord Jesus, won’t you come? 

God of our Earth spinning in space, we pray for rain in the time of drought.
For shining sun after the floods of rain. For quiet earth after earthquakes and land slides, and storms.
For peaceful oceans after raging seas and tsunamis. We pray for all people who suffer from nature in all its awesome and pitiless power.
For our groaning earth we cry Hope. 

Hope governments and people will hear the message of Climate Change and act, for the humans, animals, birds and the very land itself. 
Come Lord Jesus, won’t you come? 

For your Church and people throughout the world we pray renewal.
Show us your way and give us the strength and courage to be your people.
In simplicity and faith may we unite to show your face to the world.  

Come Lord Jesus, won’t you come?

Here in this busy city we pray Peace. We rush around trying to find gifts we can’t afford,
becoming tense and angry at the crowds of people around us.
Help us to stop and listen for the joy of a newborn baby’s cry.
Listen to the magpies warble, watch the sun rise over the ocean, and enjoy the life which you have given to us.
We are waiting. Come Lord Jesus, won’t you come?

by Helen Burnham, offered for worship, 17/12/18