Prayers of Adoration & Confession

Saving God, we praise you.
You overcame the greatest of earthly powers,
Releasing the Israelites from the rulers who held them in exile,
And bringing them to a new land.
Again and again, you have rescued the sorrowful,
Bringing salvation, and the joy of a new beginning.
Through your vision of renewal, and your love and strength,
You still lead us towards new hope.

Loving Spirit, we praise you.
You overcame the greatest of darkness,
Moving over the waters of creation,
And enlivening the world with colour, and scent and song.
You are the creative force that inspires us,
Bringing order out of chaos in every new creation,
Through inspiring dreams and visions
You still guide us to work for renewal.

Suffering Christ, we praise you.
You overcame the greatest of suffering,
Speaking out against systems that oppressed the poor and the sick,
And gave power to the wealthy and mighty.
You challenged the politics of your day,
Bringing healing, wholeness, and inclusion to those who were rejected.
Through your life, death and resurrection,
You still show us new ways to be faithful.

Saving God, Loving Spirit, Suffering Christ,
We mourn for our world.
When we see the destruction of war, bushfire, and flood,
When we see the growing divide between rich and poor,
We know this is not the world that you desire.
When we fail to reach out a helping hand,
When we are silent in the face of suffering,
Forgive us.
Forgive us.
Forgive us, and help us to see with your eyes the possibilities of a new world,
To be moved with the compassion of the Spirit,
And to live with Christ as our inspiration.

Sisters and brothers, God tears down what is old and broken and is building a new creation in all of us.
Through Christ, in Christ, and because of Christ, our sin is forgiven.
Thanks be to God.

We sing
Behold, behold I make all things new,
beginning with you
and starting from today.
Behold, behold I make all things new,
my promise is true,
for I am Christ the way.
Behold, Behold I Make All Things New (AoV2-85)

by Natalie Sims, offered for worship  17/11/19, Pentecost 23

Prayers of the people

Holy mystery, light and love,
three things we pray:

To see thee more clearly…

In the beauty and the brilliance of our spinning blue planet;
In the variegated rose that borders our pathway home;
In the hand that reaches for spare change;
In desperate eyes gazing up in hope, pleading for refuge;
In the blackened ravages of fire and the grief and sorrow of loss;

In courage and in struggle;

In sorrow,
In loneliness;
In the face of the woman passing by smiling at a text;
In the empty spaces of disappointment and missed chances;
In voices lifted in protest, in actions that break; in anger and rebellion;
In discovery, breakthrough and creative minds that offer us new ways to live.

See thee more clearly as we take our place in the maelstrom and the joy,
In the call to be present in our world. 

To love thee more dearly…

In the streets and spaces of our towns, wherever hurt holds out its hand;
To love when it costs,
when it’s undeserved and unreturned;
Love when the winds of change blow us off our much considered course;
Love when love blooms unexpectedly and we are excited and we are afraid;
Love so our hearts explode;
Love when we are passed by;
Love when we are betrayed or hurt,
when we are tempted to judge.
Love in the clinches and the companionship of others and the movement of our streets;
Towards people that we do not know, but embrace in smile anyway,
Knowing that in loving them we are loving you;
love present, love given;

To follow thee more nearly…

Follow you when we are weary and want to give up;
Follow when it’s awkward and stressful,
into places we do not want to be;
Follow so we lose ourselves and in so doing find ourselves at last;
Follow you into surprise, where our cup runs over with joy;
Follow you barefoot into the lilies of the field that neither toil nor spin;
Follow you ‘when you bid us come and die’;
Follow, because all will be well, for behold you make all things new;
Follow because we know who we are:
children of grace, blessed and forgiven, signs of the new creation,
hand in hand, under the stars.

To see thee more clearly,
Love thee more dearly,
Follow thee more nearly,
these things we pray,
day by day,
our God and our light,

by Peter McKinnon, offered for worship  17/11/19, Pentecost 23