Prayers of Adoration & Confession

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Kyrie eleison, kyrie eleison
Kyrie eleison, kyrie eleison

God of hopes and dreams and visions
From a deep well of love you birthed the world
A place of joy and colour and abundance
With enough for all to be fed in body and soul.

Forgive us for the many ways your vision for creation
Has been shattered and broken
Shape us to bring healing to all who despair.
Kyrie eleison …

Christ our Saviour, bearer of God’s love in the world
From the cross your cried out your abandonment.
You meet us in the garden, calling us to the feast
Sending us out to meet the world’s need.

Forgive us our frailty as we seek to follow you
And yet turn aside again and again
Shape us as we build a community of love.
Kyrie eleison …

Holy Spirit, sacred gift, you sustain us in hope.
From strange and ancient stories, you speak to us.
You sing through our grieving for all that is lost
Healing and strengthening us for all that is to come.

Forgive us when forget to sing with you,
And close ourselves off to your healing vision.
Shape us to be people of faith, alive with joy.
Kyrie eleison …

We live in a time between times where grief is our companion.
We listen and remember the stories of our faith
the complex story of Abraham and Sarah’s family
the broken relationship between Joseph and his brothers
the Canaanite woman grieving for her daughter.

In all this grieving and brokenness and loss God is present.
God is with us also, enfolding us with love,
Sustaining us with hope and grace and mercy.
And so we can be confident that in the name of Jesus
Our sins are forgiven.
Thanks be to God.  Amen

Saide Cameron, offered for worship with Lydia Jacka, 16/08/2020, Pentecost 11A

Prayers of the people

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Loving God

We pray together for the World.
May we be spiritually fed at a times when we feel spiritually empty.
May wise leaders and wise friends show us how to lead.
May we remember gutsy ways to act in the moment.
We pray for healthy ways to communicate.
We pray for compassionate humour.
In your mercy, hear our prayer.
In your mercy, hear our prayer.

We pray together for the Church.
May Church leaders feel inspired by what first called them.
May church members feel a sense of community, though we cannot meet, cannot touch.
We pray for this congregation, and all congregations: may we feel guided, separated, yet together.
In your mercy, hear our prayer.
In your mercy, hear our prayer.

We pray together for those in need.
We pray for grandparents longing to hug their grandchildren: may they feel held.
We pray for those who are not online: may they feel loved.
We pray for those looking to see smiles instead of masks: may they feel connected.
We pray for those without friends: may they feel supported.
May we detect small signs of community and grace, at a time when we have little to give:
Christ before us, Christ behind us, Christ within us.
In your mercy, hear our prayer.
In your mercy, hear our prayer.

In the name of Christ, Son of Mary. Shepherd, healer.

Jim Kilpatrick, offered for worship, 16/08/2020, Pentecost 11A