Prayers of Adoration & Confession

Loving, nurturing God, you reveal yourself to us
in the generosity of others, the bringers of peace,
the agitators and the change makers.
Help us to know you in these people and actions.
When there is trauma, grief and defensiveness
in ourselves and in others, we confess that we find
it easier to close ourselves off from your radical love.
Rather than answer your call to see the divine
around and in us, we are tempted to stay insulated,
focussing on our pain and hurts.

Help us to feel vulnerable to your love.
To know that you always hold us,
in the small generosities of strangers,
in the crisp air in the morning
singing through gum trees,
in the bear hugs of our family
and friends after a long day.

Even when we find false comfort and distraction
from your truth in the idols of material life,
you cradle us in your eternal and immeasurable love.

In our overwhelming pain and sorrows,
still we receive your joy.  Amen

Hear the word of grace:
Our sin is forgiven. Thanks be to God

Anika Jensen, offered for worship 15/10

Prayers of the People

Reflective Lord,
do you see us
as we throw ourselves
down paths that lead towards something or someone,
as we follow an idea,
a suggestion, a desire,
a reaction,
a need?

At times we act on instinct,
at others it’s for comfort,
desire, ease or laziness,
many times
we are convinced that it doesn’t, really, matter.
We forget to open our eyes,
our ears or our hearts,
to think, to question
We forget that our love for you our God
is reflected in the way that we behave,
the choices that we make,
each and every day.

Wise and Patient Lord,
we come to you
to ask that you guide us.
Help us to remember that
The power of love beats within us
And we can use that love
To see further, to see within, to take the time,
To understand.
At times we falter.
And so we come back to you.
Help us to have the conviction to use the
Power in our hands and in our voices to
Support those whose power and voice has been
Taken away, or isn’t heard.
Help us to choose wisely, to inform ourselves,
To be diligent and steadfast, to protect our precious habitat,
our children.
Help us to forgive ourselves when we fail in this intent
And give us the strength to change
So that each time, we may choose love.

Hear the prayers of your people.

Kylie Doust, offered for worship 15/10