Prayers of Adoration & Confession

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As we continue our prayers, let us sing together, in the spirit of Solomon and ask God to Grant us too, a wise and secerning heart.

“Grant us a wise and discerning heart” – Shawn Whelan

Grant us a wise and discerning heart
Be with your people today
Grant us a wise and discerning heart
Lead us to walk in the Way

Loving God, we lift our prayers you.
We delight in studying all that you have made:
The beauty of magnolia, jasmine, and wattle,
The diversity of your created world,
The intricacy of the human body,
The vastness of the universe,
Your creation is full of honour and majesty, and your righteousness endures forever.

Sophia Christ, we lift our prayers you.
We love to hear the stories of the wonders you performed,
Feeding the hungry, Healing the sick,
Challenging the authorities with a different kind of power,
Sharing your table with the outcast and the stranger
You are our example of wisdom and you welcome and inspire us to work for justice.

Generous Spirit, we lift our prayers to you.
You have moved through the earth since the beginning of creation,
And still you work in and through us,
Giving us imagination and creativity,
Bringing skill to hands that paint, and knit, and carve, and build,
And melody to instruments and voices lifted in praise.
You give us the skills and the strength we need to bring about your vision for our world.

Loving God, Sophia Christ, Generous Spirit, we turn to you,
seeking your guidance as we walk the path that is before us.
We confess to you those times that we have turned away from your way of wisdom,
When we have been so distracted that we have failed to notice your presence.
When we have relied on our own strength, instead of acknowledging our weakness,
When we have been too busy to spend time in prayer, or to put time aside to study our faith.
When we have placed our hope in things that do not matter and become disappointed.

Forgive us.
Forgive us and renew us.
Revive our faith and our hope for the future.
Grant us wise and discerning hearts.
Be with us, and lead us to walk in the way that YOU lead us.

Grant us a wise and discerning heart
Be with your people today
Grant us a wise and discerning heart
Lead us to walk in the Way

Sisters and brothers, God calls us to a brighter future,
and promises the Spirit to guide us in the way of Wisdom.
God does not remember our mistakes and shortcomings,
but loves us with an everlasting love, bringing healing and wholeness.
Through Christ, our sin is forgiven.
Thanks be to God. Amen.

Natalie Sims, offered for worship 15/08/2021, Pentecost 12B

SONG:  Grant us a wise and discerning heart, by Shawn Whelan, Used with permission

Prayers of the people

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Creator God, Mother of Wisdom,

In these times of misinformation and “armchair experts”,
where truth and facts can feel hard to find, may we seek the light.
Not the fluff and puff that is easy to digest but leaves us empty and hollow,
but the light that shines into the shadows and illuminates the dark.

We pray for the world. We worry about the situation in countries such as
Turkey, Greece, Canada and other parts of the world, where the skies
have turned red-black in scenes reminiscent of Australia’s Black Summer.
With the 2021 Glasgow Climate Change Conference approaching in November,
grant the participating governments the wisdom to see the best way forward.

We also pray for the world in the context of the resurgence of the COVID-19 pandemic.
The virus continues to expose the vulnerability of our society.
May all world leaders be moved with the understanding of a listening heart so that,
no matter someone’s income status, living situation, ethnicity, age or disability,
they are able to access the protection necessary to survive.


We pray for the Church. That during these challenging times,
we are guided by the wisdom of God.
We pray for our church leaders, committees, and groups
as we seek to embody the kin-dom through direct commitment and action,
such as the work of the Climate Action group.
We also pray for the Pastoral Care team as they support us to support each other.


We pray for our community, especially those finding lockdown
particularly challenging due to illness, grief, or other struggles.
May they find solace in God’s presence.
We also pray that, during the lockdown,
we take the time to notice the small blessings and joys that surround us.
Whether it be a personal win enabling more independence,
or the simple joy of the changing seasons. Help us to see your hand at work.


Nurturing God, our hearts are heavy with worry, resignation, and fear of the unknown.
We try to remain hopeful, searching for the good news
in our own lives and lives of the world.
Help us to see the light that shines into dark corners,
including those dark corners in our own hearts.


Clare Keogh, offered for worship by Natalie Sims, 15/08/2021, Pentecost 12B