Prayers of Adoration & Confession


Gracious God,
We find your love among us
In this moment and this space
You call us to create and
show us the beauty that is all around us.

Great redeemer of all time,
You invite us to join with you to welcome all
To be a living circle of compassion and care
You call our names
And mend the things we have failed to tend

Healing Spirit,
You journey with us
In this world at times stretched taut and thin
You take our tiredness and our regrets
You help us grow old.

Our God loves, laughs, and weeps with us
Our God lives, moves and breathes within us
As we come and go
And in the name of Jesus Christ
Our sins are forgiven.
Thanks be to God.

Kirsty Bennett, offered for worship 15/11/2020, Pentecost 24A
Word of Grace adapted from 14/11/2010 liturgy, Saide Cameron with Kirsty Bennett

Prayers of the people


God of all that is good, we come to you with both praise and trepidation. We thank you that our city and our state have arrived to this point in a year that has held so much hardship. We give thanks that some relief is in view. We ask that we will bring our learnings from the limitations of lockdown into this new freedom. Help us to honour the grief of absence, and, where we can, may we delight in the joys of shared presence.

We pray for indigenous people, First Australians,  who have suffered generations of hardship and injustice. We ask that this celebration of NAIDOC week will bring more recognition, more understanding and more willingness for the listening that is requested. We give thanks for the gift that is offered us in the Uluru statement from the heart. We celebrate the generosity in this invitation and ask that you will help us to step up and take responsibility and participate in the shared learnings we are being offered by our First Peoples.

We pray for people here and beyond our shores, for whom this year has held much sorrow; people who have lost loved ones,  health, jobs and security. We think of people and creatures we have forgotten as our own circumstances have held sway. We pray for people who are homeless who have known recent shelter and are under threat again. We think of people who lost their homes and livelihoods in the bushfires and who are still waiting for help. We ask that we will be aware and responsive to needs close to us and awake to the unseen. Spark our imaginations as to how to live more equitably, that all may be fed and housed.

And now as our eyes take in the big picture of life beyond the city, and the tiny details of life in the city, may we celebrate the goodness of creation.  Restore our courage and hope and determination to care for the earth.

God of all that is good, may we learn to live in the radical grace of respect for our fellow humans and a deeper knowing of the more than human world.

Julie Perrin, offered for worship 15/11/2020, Pentecost 24A