Symbols our Worship – Water, Word and Light

“Come Holy Spirit” said in Swahili

Njoo Roho Mtakatifu (Come Holy Spirit)
Wash away the tiredness of our souls.
Pour water into font

Njoo Roho Mtakatifu (Come Holy Spirit)
Speak the living word in us.
Open bible and place on stand

Njoo Roho Mtakatifu (Come Holy Spirit)
Shine the light of the world that we may see.
Light candle

Njoo Roho Mtakatifu (Come Holy Spirit)

Prayers of Adoration & Confession

Amelia:           Creator God who sings life out of nothingness,
Jacky:             teach us to sing the song of your hope for the world

Amelia:           and to listen for the voice of the Spirit in those who speak for you.
Jacky:             Fill our silences with listening and understanding,

Amelia:           with vulnerability rather than with self-defence.
Jacky:             Do not let us turn away, abandoning those we should stand beside.

Amelia:           Let us doubt our own assumptions before we doubt the motivation of others.
Jacky:             Loving God, help us to create a welcoming community,

Amelia:           where the joy you bring can be shared
Jacky:             and laughter multiplied among all who hear it.


As God said to Sarah,
Is anything too wonderful for the Lord?
Believe the Good News that comes from God:
In Christ we are forgiven.
Thanks be to God.

Amelia Ware and Jacky Magessa,  offered for worship 14/06/2020, Pentecost 2, Refugee Sunday

Prayers of the people

Let us pray
Let us feel the stillness rest in our hearts
Let us open ourselves to the present God
I invite you into this time of prayer

Mother God
Who has built for us this world of miracles
Of dew that glistens on early morning leaves
Of the golden sunlight that warms our backs
Of unexpected smiles from strangers that lighten our hearts.

We bring our hopes and sorrows to you this day

We pray for the people of the world in their brokenness and confusion
For those who have lost connection with the land
For those who protect the land from the injuries of work and exploitation

We pray for those who suffer from discrimination, from violence
For those who have been hurt or killed due to their appearance or beliefs

We pray for those who suffer from ignorance
For those who shy away from reality
We ask for your strength to face the difficult truths together.

We pray for the church in this strange time
For worshipping at a distance without human contact
For compassionate and warm leadership in this time of isolation
Help us to keep the memory of community alive so that we remain connected.

We pray for our community
For those who continue to work in our homes
Who look out at the world from our bedroom windows and think
About a world we miss, and the small wonders of a normal life.

We pray for those in hardship, without work, or family, or good health.
For those who care for others
For those for whom caring for themselves has become difficult.

We ask for your love in this time of difficulty and uncertainty
To bravely continue our journeys and to reach out to others
However we are able.

We bring these hopes and sorrows to you today
In the faith that you will sit with us, quietly and eternally.

Let us now offer our silent prayers to you.

Hear us, God.  Amen

Simone Alesich, with photos by Michael Rigby,
offered for worship 14/06/2020, Pentecost 2, Refugee Sunday