Prayers of Adoration & Confession


Through the darkest night, we hear your voice Mighty God.
You speak into the sorrow and grief of the world
In your great love we are held with all creation
Waiting and working for a new way to live in harmony beyond the darkness.

Through the breaking dawn, we hear your voice. Risen Saviour.
You speak our names in the early morning, calling to us.
In your great love you sacrificed everything on the cross
And so, we follow you, your people, the body of Christ at work in the world.

Through the heart of life, we hear your voice, Holy Spirit.
You sing, dance, laugh, groan and pray with us.
In your great love you demand of us that we stand up
To be the voice of the many who have no voice and long to be free.  Amen

Mighty God, Risen Saviour, Holy Spirit
We confess our sadness, our despair in the face of so much suffering
Hold us as we grieve and set us free to be a people of hope.
We confess our abundance, our comfortable ordinary lives
Hold us as we reach out and set us free to boldly follow you.
We confess our privilege, our unwitting participation in oppression
Hold us in our struggles and set us free to work for justice.  Amen

All creation sings!  God is heard!
Listen then.  Hear these life giving, heart healing, extraordinary words of grace
In the name of Christ, our Risen Saviour
Your sins are forgiven.
Thanks be to God.  Amen.

Saide Cameron, offered for worship with Lydia Jacka, 13/09/2020, Pentecost 15A

Prayers of the people


Mighty God we pray for the world, this earth in all her glorious complexity.
We give thanks for the riotous beauty of flowers in Springtime
And offer our deep heartache for people and nations bereft of joy and beauty.
We give thanks for scientists working to create a vaccine for the virus
And offer our deep heartache for lives lost and shattered dreams.
We give thanks for the growing desire and call for a renewable driven economy
And offer our deep heartache for the untold damage done to your creation.

Risen Saviour we pray for your body the church at work in the world.
We give thanks for church leaders working tirelessly to sustain us in hope
And pray that they may hear your voice and know that they are loved.
We give thanks for agencies and congregations caring for those in need
And pray that this care enfolds the most vulnerable, lonely and lost among us.
We give thanks for the loving steadfast work of our committees and programs
And pray that all who offer care may in turn be nurtured and sustained.

Holy Spirit we pray for our community isolated and yet bound in love
We give thanks for the people we see as we go about our daily exercise
And celebrate the shared commitments made to keep our community safe.
We give thanks for phone calls, thoughtful gifts, messages and more
And celebrate the network of care that binds people together beyond isolation.
We give thanks for connections made in creative, joyful, surprising ways
And celebrate these new ways of loving and caring for others in your name.  Amen

Saide Cameron, offered for worship by Ray Cameron, 13/09/2020, Pentecost 15A