Prayers of Adoration & Confession

Holy One, Source of all life and Love,
we lift up our hearts to you. 
Like the eagle you soar above our consciousness 
with the awesome sweep of your sheltering wings. 
You are beyond all things 
and yet at the heart of all things. 
We praise and adore you.  

Jesus Christ, Wisdom Word,
we lift our hearts to you. 
Like the magpie you call into the morning of our lives – 
a sweet awakening. 
Your voice leads us into our living
and your presence meets us in our loving. 
We praise and adore you.  

Holy Spirit of the Living God,
we lift our hearts to you. 
Like the dove you descend with beauty 
to touch the heart of our being.
The breath from your fluttering wingbeats
inspires our living. 
We praise and adore you.  

Breathe into the truth of your being. 
What do you hold before the God of grace 
and healing forgiveness today? – 
from your own heart, from this community, from the world? 

Gracious Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer,
we acknowledge before you 
the plummeting population numbers 
of the birds in our world. 
As your creatures diminish, 
we are all diminished.
As their voices are silenced, 
we struggle to hear your voice. 
Come with your love to heal 
and inspire a new beginning 
for us and all creation 


by Ian Ferguson, offered for worship, 14/10/19

Prayers of the people

Creator God. 


This is the day, the earth, the ocean, the sky,
the vastness of the universe which you have made,
and we will rejoice and be glad.
For calling our names and calling us here, each one, we thank you.

We give thanks that we live in this part of your creation in safety
and we pray for all who are 
dispossessed  by war, drought, fire,
melting ice and oceans that engulf homes and land.
We pray for all who face disadvantage and inequality.
For the unemployed, the homeless, those who are sick,
feel unloved, angry, hurt and grieving.
Lord, breathe the breath of your love, comfort and peace on us all.

Your will be done on Earth O Lord 

Creator God,
Have we forgotten Wisdom and have we no understanding? 

Do we think that we made animals that we have so little thought
for the extinction of so many species?
Open the eyes and ears of the world to hear the warnings of the very earth, air and sea.
For birds swooping on us as we walk to keep us from their nests.
For wombats who dig holes in gardens and possums in roofs,
for kangaroos on Golf Courses, sharks where we swim, fish and turtles who starve
because their stomachs are full of plastic, all becoming Pests to our minds,
because we have stolen or destroyed their land.
Lord you gave us dominion over the earth,
to care and be custodians, not to degrade and destroy.
Help us to learn from our first people to walk softly on your earth.

Your will be done on Earth O Lord. 

Creator God,
We pray for the Prophets of our time.
Those who speak out when the world would rather not hear.
For whistle blowers who expose wrongs in politics, finance and 
religious  institutions.
For those who speak out for equality, and for women’s and children’s rights.
For the thousands joining together and marching for political freedom, and for climate change.
We pray for answers other than, don’t worry,
we have it under control, you are just young or exaggerating the situation. 

Now let’s join our voices together in this time of distrust, cynicism,
broken promises, and false facts, to pray the prayer You taught us.

Your will be done on Earth, O Lord 


by Helen Burnham, offered for worship, 13/10/19