Prayers of Adoration & Confession

God of fire and thunder,
You are stronger than the crashing waves,
And more powerful than a hurricane,
You reign above all that threatens to destroy us.

Spirit of energy and passion,
You are the force that changes the world,
Shaking the rich from their places of rest,
Driving us out of our safety to places of action.

Christ who dared to challenge the authorities
You gave inclusion and wholeness to those who were rejected,
And healing to those who were broken,
Give us strength, Bless us with peace.

God in Community, Creator, Spirit and Christ,
We are in awe of you, and sometimes we are afraid of you.
Sometimes we worry that your love does not extend to us,
we question our self-worth,
we hold on to rejection.

Sometimes we are fearful of what you expect of us,
we worry that we have not done enough,
we worry that we cannot do what is right.

Loving God, forgive us,
embrace us and comfort us,
redirect us with new confidence as we seek to follow you.


Sisters and brothers, God’s love is stronger than your fear,
and more powerful than anything that holds you away from fullness of life.
You are God’s beloved child. Through Christ’s and our own baptism
we are assured of forgiveness.
Hear the good news: our sin is forgiven.

Thanks be to God.

by Natalie Sims, offered for worship 13/1

Prayers of the people

God of surprises, open our ears, eyes and hearts
to your unusual and unpredictable ways in the world.

We ask you to surprise those who suffer – with healing:
especially those experience the suffering of mental illness
for whom life has lost its meaning and who live in darkness.

We ask you to surprise those who are tired – with energy:
especially those tired of war, conflict, and division
and those who have been worn down by hate and prejudice

We ask you to surprise the powerful – with humility and justice:
especially those who play with their power over others
and who deny that your love is the true measure of power.

We ask you to surprise the hungry – with food:
especially those whose hunger is the result of our abundance and indulgence.

We ask you to surprise the church – with your renewing and refreshing spirit
so that we might become part of your work of shining light into darkness,
of proclaiming peace in the midst of conflict, of speaking truth to power,
and of surrendering and sharing our abundance.

And today we especially pray for the Uniting Church
as it continues to live into the decisions of the Assembly:

Renew and strengthen us, the people of the Uniting Church,
as your Church – Where there is hurt and pain, bring your comfort and healing.
Where we have caused hurt to one another, bring forgiveness and reconciliation.
Where our community and unity are strained, give us patience to listen to one another,
to see your presence in one another, and to love our sisters and brothers in Christ,
as you have first loved us. Where there is uncertainty and confusion,
bring your guidance and light.
Lead us forward in ways that are faithful to your mission in the world.

These things we pray in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ.

by Geoff Thompson, offered for worship, 13/1