Prayers of Adoration & Confession

O Yahweh, ancient name and faithful Mother
Our God of bushes that burn and storms that still
Emmanuel, our Lily of the Valley

God, from whom we cannot be separated
From whom neither powers, nor nations, nor height nor depth can divide
From you nothing is hidden, or need be hidden
Before you there is no imperfection, and no cause for guilt
In you there is no conceit, no shortness of temper, no jealousy or bitterness
There is nothing but perfect, golden love

May that love spill out to your church and fill the world
Make our love of our neighbor perfect, and our love of our neighbor determined
Where there are dark walls that divide, turn them to clear glass
Where there are corners that jar and cut, make them smooth
Where there is ignorance, bring understanding
Grow among us the binds of sacred love that unite you in trinity
And when the well is dry, fill it again with the water of compassion and mercy

May we grow as leaves upon the same vine,
Sheep of the same flock, turning ever toward the voice of our good and gentle shepherd

O Christ, have mercy on us, you who were shown no mercy
Forgive us, you had no forgiveness to ask
Make the river of your mercy run quick and deep
Give us courage for your work and
Let us not hide from what is good and righteous
But stand against injustice wherever it is found
Until you come again

Friends, this is the best news of all.
That in Christ, through Christ and because of Christ, our sin is forgiven.
Thanks be to God.

Daniel Broadstock
Offered for worship 1/10

Prayers of the People

In his letter to the Philippians, Paul urges them
‘not to pursue their own interests, but the interests of others.’
Let us so too, as we pray for the world, the church and the community.

God who gives life, Jesus who challenges, Holy Spirit who inspires,

We pray for our world:
A world where natural disasters are affecting
so many places: Puerto Rico, Mexico and Cuba,
a world where people have lost their homes
and spend their time queueing for fuel,
and then for water and then for food,
a world where a few have so much,
while so many people struggle to live a life
where they have housing and food and water.

May we think of others as we make decisions
about the fuel we use, the water we expect to be available,
the food we wish to eat.
May we make decisions that place the interests
of others alongside our own, rather than a long way behind.

We pray for our church,
That we may not be focus on appearances, but on humility.
May our leaders show courage to speak out against injustice,
May they have strength to lead,
And may we have the commitment to support and encourage them.

We pray for our community as we debate our priorities:
As debate continues about how people should live and love.
We pray for the people whose voices are drowned out, who feel isolated, excluded.
May we be ready to listen and to speak out when needed.

We pray for people who give of themselves for others
In their work here in Australia where there is illness and disadvantage,
and overseas in places of conflict and hardship.
We pray for people who give of themselves
for others as part of their day to day lives,
stopping for a kind word, making a meal,
running an errand, doing the garden,
marching in the streets, keeping vigil.

May we give as we able, of ourselves and of our resources.

We offer these prayers, and the prayers of our hearts,
especially for those of us who are sick,
who are recovering or preparing for surgery,
who are grieving as we pray together the Lord’s Prayer

Kirsty Bennet, offered for worship 1/10