Prayers of Adoration & Confession

God of Generosity,
Whose mercies never cease, whose well of love is deep and sweet.
God of mysteries and strange stories,
We glimpse you in the corner of our eye and in the insistent whisper of our hearts
Let us see you more clearly in the face of the stranger, the neighbour, and the enemy.

Draw us surely to that green pasture
Wherein your treasure softly lies.
Safeguard our hearts not to dark, towering thrones but to brave and small kindnesses
Not to brittle scepters of power but to hardy and resilient hopes
Make precious to us those pearls of your Kingdom that endure.
Not to be worn and carried away by the wearying river of time
Or despoiled by dust and decay and forgetting
But that shine brightly in the heart forever

Soften our grip upon our wordly riches,
and teach us the enriching way of charity, generosity, hospitality,
And self-giving freedom.
For we confess that we do not live as you have called us to live.
And in the silence, we rest all that we are in the knowing mercy of God.


God of all kindness, you are never at rest while any
one of your children cries out in hunger or in pain.
You can never be satisfied until justice rolls down like a river.
Give us that same spirit.
For whenever we have given a cup of water to the thirsty,
or food to the hungry,
So we have done for you.


Friends this is the Good News:
that when we forget love, when we forget mercy, God remembers.
Through Christ, In Christ and because of Christ, our sin is forgiven.

Thanks be to God.

by Daniel Broadstock, offered for worship, 11/8

Prayers of the people

Divine King and Queen of Justice and righteousness,

The world and cosmos seem in pain and disarray.
But we pray, for love holding and prompting us to see our missteps,
our superficial sacrifices, with no justice forth coming
and where we have not been motivated by our loving heart, given by your Grace.
Where we don’t trust, we aren’t aware how our lack of faith, our arrogance
and lack of love ripples out to the world’s social and spiritual alienation.
Where we have let down those who now kill in rage, in anger
and in distorted hate, in response to not feeling part of your Kingdom here on earth.

We pray we may heal ourselves, by having trust, drawing ourselves into your Reign,
reaching out to those hurt and killed, to those who do the killing, to those who allow the guns in hand,
praying that they know, by our justice and righteousness,
that they can be encompassed in this loving kingdom, so joyfully given to us by You.
We pray You aid us in each small step in belonging to and bringing forth your kingdom
here on earth, so that our sin, our neglect, our insincerity, our lack of trust in Your provision
and all we need, is not aiding the abandonment and hopelessness of others.

Help us, Divine, to choose life, ‘ l’Chaim’, so that we as the Church of the kingdom,
so pleasurably given by God are eager, alert , loving, with you and for you,
those around  in our community, doing this in ‘buoyant optimism’.
Help us to know it is not ‘trying harder’ or out of fear, rather out of knowing we are loved,
that will enable us to be in the Kingdom here and now in our feet, hands, mouths and heart.

May we bring  our feet, our hands, our hearts to the Master who serves us,
offering our service to bring Justice. We pray for alertness and openness to the Divine every minute,
in caring for the orphan and widow, the First Peoples, the single, the isolated ,
those of all sexual orientation and gender identity, those who have no country,
those who are angry and abandoned, all who are labeled ‘not in the Kingdom’.

Take a breath of love, a deep breath in of the Kingdom where justice and righteousness reign.

In Jesus’ name, who has given us the Kingdom and heart now, we pray.


by Jenne Perlstein, offered for worship, 11/8.