Prayers of Adoration & Confession


God of all the earth as we go on our daily walks
We exult in the beauty of Spring, the abundance of flowers
The astonishing variety of colours and shapes and scents
And we know that nothing we humans can create or imagine
Can ever compare to the chaotic glory of creation.

Christ Jesus, firstborn of all creation, wisdom Word
We are drawn to you, to the mystery of your call on our lives
We hear your voice, we feel your touch, we see your face
in and through the people we know and strangers we meet.
You call us to work for justice and peace for all creation.

Holy Spirit, breath of life, you stir us into action
Breathing in we meditate on the mystery of creation
Breathing out we contemplate how we might respond
You pray with us, urging us on to seek new ways
To live in harmony with all that has been created.  Amen

God of all the earth with aching hearts we bring you our confessions.
As we have grown in knowledge and skill, we have lost our way
We have laid waste to the beauty, abundance and diversity of creation.
Forgive us and guide the actions that we take now to restore balance.
Help us to listen, to learn from First peoples, from young people
From scientists and activists, from birds, animals and the very earth herself.
Forgive us our ignorance and set us free to be a people of peace.  Amen

God calls us to join her in the glorious dance of creation
So let us stand up and dance, rejoicing in the abundant grace of God
Secure in the knowledge that in the name of Christ
Our sins are forgiven.
Thanks be to God.  Amen

Saide Cameron with David Cameron, offered for worship Season of Creation 4, 11/10/2020

Prayers of the people


God of all the earth we pray for the world
Our beautiful broken resilient amazing home.
We long for open hearts and minds willing to see
That this earth is a gloriously diverse and chaotic gift
Not a resource to be plundered by a privileged few.
We commit to making a difference and hope that one day
All creatures, plants and people will be nurtured and honoured.

Christ Jesus, firstborn of all creation we pray for the church
Your body, your voice, your hands at work in the world.
We long for open hearts and minds willing to see
That all people are held in your steadfast loving grace.
When we stray as people have done throughout history
You call us away from the idols that we have made
Back into communion with you and all creation.

Holy Spirit, life, heart, soul and voice we pray for our community
Separated now and yet held together in hope and love.
We long for open hearts and minds willing to see
The hidden ones, most scarred by this crippling pandemic
Those with shattered dreams, broken hearts and lost hope.
As we look towards a time when our community opens up
May we be mindful, gentle and welcoming in our returning.  Amen

Saide Cameron, offered for worship by Ray Cameron, Season of Creation 4, 11/10/2020