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Prayers of Adoration & Confession

Immortal invisible God
your steadfast love and your faithfulness
give shape to the whole of creation –
abundant, glorious, extraordinary, precious life.

Jesus Christ, Son of God
you reveal God’s love to us in your living
shaping our lives with your words –
calling us to follow you, to be with you.

Holy Spirit, breath of life
you are the gift that makes us whole
helping us to pray when words are few –
lighting the way with wind and flame.  Amen

Come now and sing in confession …

In the quiet of this day,
in the safety of this place,
Holy Presence, hear us pray,
soothe our spirits with your peace.

Take the tangle of our thoughts,
take the tension from our frame,
free within us what is fraught,
still the waves we cannot tame.

We are tired and out of tune:
it is you who gives new song.
We are fearful and alone:
bring us home where we belong.

What we are, you truly know,
more than lover, more than friend,
you the light to whom we grow,
you our meaning and our end.

A moment of silence for personal confession.

In Mark’s gospel we read:
And looking at those who sat around him, he said,
‘Here are my mother and my brothers!
Whoever does the will of God is my brother and sister and mother.’ Mark 3:34-35
We are Jesus’ brothers and sisters called to follow him, to be with him.
In this calling we are loved, we are held, we are known, we are free.
In this calling the mysterious gift of grace is ours and in Jesus’ name our sins are forgiven.
Thanks be to God.  Amen

Saide Cameron, offered for worship 10/6/18, Pentecost 3
SONG:  In this quiet of this day, by Shirley Murray, from Faith Forever Singing, 
Reproduced with permission under ONE LICENCE # 604502

Prayers of the People

Immortal Invisible God
Jesus Christ, Son of God
Holy Spirit, Holy Presence

We pray for the world
We pause to name those places and situations in the world that are on our hearts

We pray especially for places and situations where people are not treated equally,
where power is worshipped, where strength is flaunted.
We pray for

  • the upcoming talks with North Korea in Singapore
  • peace between Israel and Palestine where protestors continue to be killed
  • for the G7 meeting in Canada where leaders each vie for position and influence

Jesus invites us to be his sisters and brothers.
May we act in the world where we can,
bringing his way of being in relationship wherever we go.

We pray for the church.
We pray for the leaders of the UCA at the national and state level,
our president Stuart McMillan and our moderator Sharon Hollis.
We pray for the those preparing for Assembly in early July,
and for the Uniting Network which is gathering in Brisbane before the Assembly.
We pray for the ministry team here at BUC and for the leaders in our community,
the members of CC, the member of committees,
and for all of us who lead in so many (unofficial) ways.
May we always act with respect and humility,
remembering whoever we are and whatever position we hold,
we are all called to follow Jesus and live his way.

We pray for our community
We pause to pray for those people who are most dear to us

We remember those of us who are ill
Those of us who are troubled
Those of us who are caring for others
May we know Christ’s sisterly and brotherly love supporting and upholding us.

Brothers and sisters in Christ, we offer these prayers in the name of Christ,
hearing your call, following your example of love and relationship.  Amen.