Prayers of Adoration

Loving God, our shelter, our refuge,
You give us hope,
and assure us that we do not suffer alone,
In all things, and at all times,
we can call to you for help,
And that, even when we stumble,
we are carried in your hands.

Brother Jesus, our friend, our redeemer,
You give us grace,
so that we can share it with others,
In all things, and at all times,
we can be generous to others,
And that, even when we suffer,
we know that you have also borne great pain.

Spirit of grace, our healer, our leader,
You give us peace,
even after leading us into difficult places
In all things, and at all times,
your mercy and hope flows,
Leading us forward, even into times of trial,
sometimes quietly, and sometimes like a rushing wind,


by Natalie Sims, offered for worship, 10/3, Lent 1

During Lent, our prayers of confession each week are said in response to God’s word of grace and hope.

This is a time of listening with respect, to the voices of those in our community who are needy and oppressed.

It is also a time to respond to those voices, by noting those systems and events in our society that damage others, by asking God’s grace to help us shape the world anew.

Each week of Lent, we will be tune into one of our society’s mode of listening, Royal Commissions. This week, because it has been so present, the Royal Commission into Institutional Child Abuse one, listening to victims and survivors and responding as the church. Let us listen. Let us pray.

Prayers of Confession

Spirit of grace, lead us into the wilderness place of listening,
of listening to stories that we never wanted to hear,
to stories of events that never should have happened.
Spirit of truth, your light is shining in the darkest places,
shining, so that, at last, these stories are being told.
May we listen with compassion,
to those who have been wounded,
to those who have cared for the wounded,
and to those who, in their own brokenness, have damaged others in this way.
Help us not to turn away.

Loving God, we lift up to you, your communities of faith around the world,
Churches, schools, homes, that should be places of safety,
where the vulnerable are especially valued and cared for.
We weep with you, at the brokenness of your people,
We weep with you, that the powerful have wounded the powerless, in your name,
We weep with you, at the damage that has been done.
We weep with you, that damage may be done again.
Help us not to turn away.

Brother Jesus, help us to continue to listen,
to stand with the wounded,
to protect the vulnerable,
to dismantle those structures that have made this possible.
Help us to reshape our churches, our communities, our society,
may we continue to create places of safety,
places of healing,
places of forgiveness, and hope.

Loving God, remind us, again, that your goodness is greater than the worst of all evil,
conquering even the violence of crucifixion.
Remind us, again, that your forgiveness and healing
does not come because we have earned it,
but is freely given by your grace, making healing and renewal possible.
Sisters and brothers, remember this, be confident in this, our sin is forgiven.
Thanks be to God.

by Natalie Sims, offered for worship, 10/3, Lent 1

Prayers of the people

Dear Jesus, wilderness wanderer:
The tester said, “Turn this stone to bread” –
but you embraced the hunger of humanity –
our hunger.

Jesus be with all who hunger:
those who are physically famished and spiritually starving;
all the poor and homeless;
all those with anxious empty hearts.

The tester said, “Fall, see if God will catch you” –
but instead you took the way of the cross.
You were lifted up for us.

Be with all who suffer in body and soul:
the sick and the grieving,
those falling through illness to their deaths,
and those whose hearts ache for them.

The tester said, “I will give you the world of power” –
but you chose to live among us rather than above us.

Be with all who wield power in our world:
give them wisdom and grace, plants seeds of justice
and reconciliation in their hearts.

May the earth and all its creatures live in peace
and commune in harmony with their creator.

And may we, the people who pray in your name,
be blessed with faith hope and love,
as we journey together with you
through the wilderness towards the garden of heavenly delight.

by Tonia Ly, offered for worship, 10/3, Lent 1