Prayers of Adoration & Confession

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Mother and Father of great Imaginings.
You are the mystery of birth, life and death, we come to know through Christ Jesus.
God with us.
Forgive us when we hear your call, but turn away.

You have created a world of infinite variety.
We walk and work, your ancient grasslands, mountains, deserts, rainforests, and oceans.
Forgive our blindness, when we fail to recognise the beauty of your creation.

We live alongside amazing and unique animals here on our Island.
Kangaroos, koalas, platypuses, echidnas, laughing kookaburras,
warbling magpies, all a part of the cosmic comedy of creation.
Forgive us Creator God, when we clear land and destroy the habitat of our animals.
Forgive us that we don’t recognise the miracles we have until it is almost too late.

In this time, when we are so isolated, we thank you for the company of our furry companions.
For the comfort of warm bodies, whatever the shape or size.
God of all things great and small.
Forgive us when we do not treat the animals that provide our food,
and share our lives, with the love and respect they deserve.

Our First People have lived and cared for your creation for thousands of years. Walking softly on the land.
Forgive us, God of our story, when we fail to learn how to care for this land in its frailty.
Forgive us when we do not recognise the centuries of their storytelling, art and history, in our white superiority.

As the world suffers through COVID, we thank you for great minds and inventions.
For vaccines, scientists and medical staff, saving lives.
For tireless work in governing, testing, contact tracing, injecting.
For television and the internet, keeping us in contact with family, friends and our community.
God of comfort and hope, forgive us when we do not share vaccines with poorer countries.
Forgive us when we use the internet to exploit, degrade, debase, and to spread lies and hate.

God of wonder and mystery. Light our path when we see only darkness.
When we are weary, hold us in your arms.
Inspire and help us to see you at work in the world, and the miracle of God with us.

Mother and Father.
This is the great and awesome mystery.
Although we are undeserving, you became one of us.
Laughed, cried, lived and died as we do. God walking with us.
And so we can say, through the grace of Jesus Christ.
Our sin is forgiven.
Thanks be to God.

Helen Burnham, offered for worship 10/10/2021, Blessing of the Animals, Pentecost 20B

Prayers of the people

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Mother God, we pray for all who are suffering during this time.

Those struggling with illness; those in precarious work or living situations; and those anxious about the future.
May they find strength, support, and calm amidst the turbulence.

We also pray for those who support the sick, isolated and downhearted, whether in paid or voluntary roles.
In particular, those on the frontlines of this pandemic. May they be held in love as they hold space for others.

In addition, we pray for refugees and asylum seekers in onshore and offshore detention,
who have been locked up far longer than our 252 days. May they be set free soon.


Beloved God, we pray for our church here in Brunswick.
You alone know what each of us is facing, the secret sufferings of our hearts.
Help us to love one another as You love us.

We pray for our local community in the coming time of ‘opening up’.
A cause for celebration for many. We dream of picnics, restaurant dining in… even haircuts!
Yet, many are still anxious. May we continue to hold each other in care.


Creator God, we pray for the animals.
Our pets at home, those we see on walks, or through Zoom screens.
They have weathered the past eighteen months with us, some joining our families during this time.
They delight us and love us unconditionally, get us moving and out of the house
when perhaps we’d otherwise stay slumped on the couch or in bed.
And all they ask for is our love and care in return.
Some, like the falcons of Collins St, don’t know we exist – yet they brighten our lives all the same.
Protect them, oh God.

In the name of Jesus who numbered the sparrows. Amen.

Clare Keogh, offered for worship 10/10/2021, Blessing the Animals, Pentecost 20B