Prayers of Adoration & Confession

Eternal God,
You are the source of all that is,
You hear all who call on you.
Saving those who are oppressed,
Renewing all of creation,
Embracing us with a parent’s love.  

Loving Christ, 
You welcomed the poor and the sick,
You sit among the stranger and the outcast,
Sharing your love and wisdom,
Bearing witness to our burdens and suffering,
Showing us how to love.  

Sustaining Spirit,
You enlighten us with insight,
You move within and between us,
Answering the prayers of the lonely,
Enriching our lives with creativity,
Helping us to care for others.   

God in Community, Holy in One:
yesterday, today and tomorrow,
Your love welcomes all,
but we place boundaries on the welcome we extend to others.

Reserving our tables for friends and families,
Honouring the popular and the powerful,
Turning away from the beggar on the street,
Ignoring those who are imprisoned,
Closing our borders to the refugee. 

Eternal God, forgive us, as individuals, as a community, as a country. 
God, you are our helper. Help us to do better.
Help us to be generous
, and to see with your eyes.
Help us not to be afraid,
but to welcome all people with an unencumbered love.

Sisters and Brothers, just as the Spring has come, bringing new life to the world,
God hears our prayers, and calls us to new life in Christ,
filling us with compassion and hope for the future. 

Remember the Good News: Through Christ, our sin is forgiven. 

Thanks be to God! 

by Natalie Sims, offered for worship, 1/9

Prayers of the people

For the welcome and abundance we experience in creation and on this land, we thank you.
We pause to be grateful for each new day, for Spring and the rich diversity around us.
Help us to be aware, to share creation with all living creatures
and all beings, and to share with future generations.
Help us to speak out at recklessness, against greed and against possessiveness.
We pray especially for a just outcome for the conflict around the Djap Wurrung sacred site
and the planning for the Western Freeway.
We pray that the sacred would be honoured.

For countries and states struggling with issues of border control and immigration,
we pray for wisdom and a deep sense of justice from within leaders.
We pray that racism and xenophobia may not be the defining principles of government policy.
We pray for real integration of the best of personal religious ideals with public debate.
We pray that visions of community would be at the heart of rule of law,
not punitive responses based on fear.
We particular remember Nedesalingam, Priya and their children on Christmas Island
as they fight against deportation. We pray that our leaders will hear their cries for justice.

For the times and places in our lives where we have experienced community,
settled-ness, a sense of place and home – we thank you.
Remind us that to whom much is given, much is expected.
Help us to learn again and again that it is in giving that we receive.
May our suburbs and communities be places that bring people together not separate.
May we acknowledge “The Commonwealth” of our communities and work to protect this common-wealth.

For the welcome, friendship and openness we have experienced in this church, we thank you.
Help us to be bold in our personal and communal responses.
May this church be a light on the hill on these issues.
May your welcoming and forgiving love be at the heart of what we do.
May we be reminded again and again to live out our call to be the Beloved Community.

For we ask all these prayers in your name.


by Tim Budge, offered for worship, 1/9