During the Season of Creation the Laudato Si spiritual exercises will be a key part of our worship.

We will be focussing on Ecological Spirituality, the sixth goal, each week and will also examine one or two of the other six goals on different Sundays.

  • Week 1. Response to cry of the Earth (goal 1)
  • Week 2. Response to the cry of the poor as well as Ecological Economics (goals 2 and 3)
  • Week 3. Adopting a simpler lifestyle (goal 4)
  • Week 4. Ecological Education and Community engagement/action (goals 5 and 7)

Send us your photos
We invite you to contribute photos of the natural world, your favourite places of beauty, to be used in prayers and other parts of the liturgy.  Please email your photos to Ian – iferguson@icloud.com