Riding the Waves is a series of stories – brief snapshots of experience, ‘postcards’ of how we are managing and hopefully inspiring others to keep going

After 12 wonderful episodes this series has now concluded.  Many thanks to Peter McKinnon.

One Sunday morning in March of this year, vocalist Linda Bull stood on her sister Vika’s front porch and began singing. The performance was filmed and streamed and became the foundation of what they called ‘Sunday Sing Song’, a weekly series that journalist Andrew McMillen said “launched a raft of positivity into a roiling sea of uncertainty…it was impossible not to feel uplifted by what followed.”

Inspired by this example, Riding the Waves is our own little series of ‘uplift’.  As a way of gaining insight to what is happening for different members of our community, Peter McKinnon is making contact and interviewing people from a cross-section of the congregation with a view to writing up stories to share and inspire and uplift each other just that little bit in these trying times.

We are interested in questions like:

  • What have been the impacts on you, your partner, your family, your work?
  • What has ‘got you through’?
  • What has brought you joy during this time?
  • What have you learned from this time about your life and your faith journey?
  • What are you looking forward to most ‘on the other side’?
  • What changes would you like to see in society as a result of all this?

In the meantime and to get you moving have a listen to Vika and Linda

Contact Peter, 0438 600 860‬ or Ian, 0438 547 842‬ for more information or to offer your story.