Respect Project

In 2018 the Justice and Mission committee commissioned an internal progress review of the Olive Way Program.  Eventually 9 key recommendations emerged together with an underlying desire to create a “community of respect”.

The Olive Arts Collective took up the theme of respect and created some beautiful images to promote this critical value.  The Olive Arts Collective is a grass roots initiative and a collaborative group comprised of people who love to create visual art in all its forms.  They meet on Wednesday mornings as an enrichment program of the Olive Way Program.

Saide Cameron created a series of postcards using the images.  They have been used in a variety of ways including:

  • as a display in the Olive Way and to encourage conversations about respect  
  • for passersby and visitors to take away at the Sydney Rd. Street Party
  • to facilitate respectful conversations at the Student House Retreat 
  • as conversation starters at a recent Pastoral Care Committee meeting
  • as part of the Olive Way Review booklet
  • in a Tower Room Window display

Guests at the Olive Way program and other users of the space are invited to take some time, look at the postcards.  Three questions are offered to prompt conversation and response.

  • What do you see?
  • How do they speak to you of respect?
  • What does respecting another person mean to you?

Saide also brought the recommendations and images together in a widely circulated booklet titled “Olive Way Progress Review – 9 Key Recommendations”.