We pray with hope in our hearts for our newly elected government, we pray
That one day all people will be welcomed and have a safe place to live
That the voices of our indigenous brothers and sisters will be heard
That our leaders will be moved to respond to the threats of climate change
That all who work in health care and education with be acknowledged and supported
That people of every age, gender, ethnicity will know they are valued and loved.
We pray for harmony and healing and an end to hate, greed, loneliness and despair.

From the Assembly News

Join us in prayer for

  • The ongoing journey of healing, reconciliation and relationship between First and Second Peoples in Australia.
  • Common ground and shared life for Australia’s Christian Churches as together we find our identity and purpose in Christ.
  • The incoming Australian Government and Prime Minister Anthony Albanese; that those who represent us will work to build communities of care and compassion where all belong and may flourish.

Follow the Ecumenical Prayer Cycle which takes us through every region of the world over the course of a year.
This week: Indian Ocean Islands: Comoros, Madagascar, Maldives, Mauritius, Seychelles