Creating a Peace Felt

A group of ten gathered to create a peace felt for International Day of Peace for the twenty first of September. Our peace felt will be exchanged with our peace felt partner somewhere in the world. What a beautiful symbol of unity in the commitment to living more peacefully in our world.

Therefore, we decided to create individual pieces drawing upon what peace means to our church. Each person was guided by their understanding and ‘felt’ sense in making their piece. It was a delight to witness the vibrant wool rovings being laid out in interesting forms and the mindfulness that comes from this art form. The wet felting process using warm soapy water and then, agitation of the fibres by rolling and throwing brings forth some fascinating results. The fibres are transformed and merged to create felt of strength, texture substance and vibrant colour.

Ann Soo

I was given the honour of selecting our exchange felt (the featured image). Each felt was beautiful and evocative of peace. I was drawn to the ‘winning’ felt by the combination of colours. The blue and white reminded me of the International Day of Peace ‘blue on white’ dove. The purple spoke to me of the seasons of Lent and Advent in which we tell and engage with the central stories of our faith and in particular our longing for peace and justice for all.

Saide Cameron