The Olive Way Vision

Watch the presentation offered during worship by Peter, 12/09/2021, Season of Creation 2B, Humanity Sunday.

Read the Olive Way Vision – Future Directions

The following is an extract of Peter’s presentation …

One of the key ways that Brunswick Uniting has related to and reached out to the community is, of course, Olive Way. Olive Way has been going for a little over 14 years now and has become an integral part of the congregation’s ministry. We’ve recently completed a review, something we do every three years; it was conducted by Lew Hess and has given us a set of recommendations that seeks to sustain the work of Olive Way over the next three years, but also to build and develop, complimenting the work of Tim Budge and the Olive Way participants that was done in the 2018 review.

The 2021 review challenges us to think about the leadership of Olive Way and addresses the vulnerabilities in our current staffing arrangement, which is currently made up of myself as Pastor and Peter Murphy, the Kitchen Coordinator. The proposal that we have brought before Church Council recommends the creation of a dedicated second in charge, who will support the pastor and focus on the operational aspects of Olive Way, allowing us a greater opportunity to work more intentionally on developmental aspects, such as the recommendations from the 2018 review. It also allows us to address critical issues such as safety and security, managing risk, and increasing support for female guests.

We’d love your help in whatever way you can and there are a number of ways you can do so.
  1. make occasional or regular gifts in response to the anticipated increased expenditure
  2. pray regularly for the work of Olive Way as we reach out in the love of Christ
  3. volunteer your time, there are a variety of roles
  4. join the Olive Way Steering Committee (OWSC)

Contact Peter Blair, Olive Way Pastor, 0431 193 810 or Richard Arnold, OWSC chair, 0407 796 429