Celebrating Holy Communion during our reflective service

Prayers of Adoration & Confession

God of creation,
We look with wonder upon the world around us:
the seeds, the plants, the shrubs,
the bush and the lofty trees with branches that tower over us.

Jesus the story teller,
You paint a picture of the Kingdom which is full of possibilities
where the small and vulnerable can grow and shelter,
And remind us that life can spring from something that seems insignificant
and become something wonderful.

Spirit of new beginnings,
You open our eyes to new possibilities
In you we see our past, present and future,
In you we see possibilities we never dreamed of.

Loving and generous God
We acknowledge the times
When we have not recognised the beauty that is around us,
When we have not seen the value of what is in front of us.
Forgive us.

We remember when we have focussed on the wrong things
When we have looked for treasure that does not exist
When we have held on to things instead of letting go.
Forgive us.

We recognise there are times
When we have made poor decisions
When we have acted hastily
When we have not been prepared to change.
Forgive us.

God is for us, and
nothing can separate us from the love of God.
And so we may declare with confidence:
Our sins are forgiven. Thanks be to God.

Kirsty Bennett, offered for worship, 30/7

Prayers of the People

God of light,
when the clouds of hate
fill the sky,
in Syria, the White House,
or on our phones.
Let us be the earth,
the rain, the sun
so that peace may grow strong
like the mustard seed
into a tall, strong plant.
Let your love, through us, shine.

Faithful God,
when desperation overwhelms,
those people living every day,
trying to fill their baskets,
with health, or food, or friend
let us be the yeast,
the heat, the oxygen,
let us dedicate the time
that turns flour into bread.
Let your love, through us, grow

Wise God,
when we are searching
for inspiration
or for friendship;
may we be filled with the
certainty that comes
with finding a treasure
like a pearl,
knowing how to recognise it,
protect it,
sacrifice for it.
Let your wisdom, fill our souls.

Hear the prayers of your people.

Kylie Doust, offered for worship, 30/7