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From the UCA National News
All members of the Uniting Church as we begin our journey through Advent. In worship together, physically distanced or remote, and in our reflection and prayerful practice, may we be uplifted by stories of God’s hope as we look forward.
All those in Australia, our region and around the world who are sick, impoverished, hungry and in greater need than many of us will ever experience. May we find in ourselves the generosity of spirit to be a blessing to the vulnerable.
A world free from gender-based violence

BUC News

Riding the Waves – Episode 11
Our tenth story features Nina and Joanne.

Moving towards COVID normal
The COVID Reference Group continues to work with ministry groups and committees to study the changing government guidelines for religious gatherings.   Synod is assisting with advice for use of our halls for groups and activities. Groups that have been meeting on Zoom will continue to do so until the New Year, of course with the usual Summer holiday break. Watch out for information about some special pre-Christmas activities for the Olive Way and Children and Youth.
The Worship Committee is exploring options for worship services in the New Year, like a combination of in person and live streaming, overflow in the hall, or a second service time.  Attendance at our gatherings is limited by the physical distancing rules  for each of our rooms and spaces, which for the main worhsip space is 80 people. Committees and Group leaders will stay connected with their members, so you will be informed when your group is to start again.
Thank you to everyone for your patience. We are all looking forward to when we can meet in person once again.  If you have any questions or comments about moving towards COVID-normal please contact Helen Rowe on Email or Mobile 0423 009 813

Calling all angels
The Christmas pageant is being filmed online this year, and our Director Caitlin would love a few more “angels” to join in one scene. We are filming it via zoom on Tuesday December 1 at 7pm. If you are interested, contact our Children and Youth Pastor Dave via our website.

Invitation: Pastoral Care Review Open Meeting
As part of our Pastoral Care Review process you are invited to come and join in a ZOOM conversation with Anne Mallaby and the Review Team – Thursday 3rd December 7:30pm
How do you experience care in our community? What is there to celebrate? What could we do better?
In preparation you might like to reflect upon this discussion document (link here)
Join Zoom Meeting:
Meeting ID: 951 6589 8395 Passcode: 200645
Anne is a Baptist minister and recently retired academic dean of Whitley College where she lectured in pastoral studies and ministry formation. Anne is working with a small team from within the congregation including Ian, Gwen Arnold and Jane Allardice to conduct a 5 year review of our Pastoral Care structures.

Christmas Bowl catalogue
Biscuits are finished but there is one more week to place an order from the Act for Peace Christmas Bowl catalogue.  You can continue to order preserves, cakes and puddings, Christmas craft and home made gifts up until 6th December.  And remember to place your bid in the Silent Auction of four watercolours offered by Ann Soo.  You can also donate money for a gift for a Stewart Lodge resident.  Pick up or delivery 12th-13th December or by arrangement.  Place your order today. Contact Saide, 0407 096 743, for more information.

Climate Action News

Climate Action Group
The next meeting of BUC Climate Action Group (CAG) will be at the earlier time of 4.30pm on Saturday 5th December via zoomAll welcome.

Green Faith International: Sacred People Sacred Earth campaign
We are united by a fundamental belief that all people, all living things, and the Earth are sacred. As we consider the state of the world today, our hearts overflow with concern. We are frightened and frustrated by the damage that COVID-19 is inflicting on our communities. The pandemic has revealed cruel injustices. The vulnerable suffer the most severe impacts. We know about this injustice. We have seen it before. These same communities are disproportionately and catastrophically affected by the accelerating climate emergency. Grave threats are at our door as the world shelters in place. As faith communities, we need to make our voices heard. Green Faith International is aiming for tens of thousands of signatures from people of faith. You can sign up here:

Victoria, Tasmania: Living the Change
Celebrate LIVING THE CHANGE on Sunday 6 December 2020 3-5.30pm where you can be working together towards creating a flourishing world for all. Gather as members of diverse faith communities and those who care for our planet to share our stories of change, transformation, and regeneration. The event offers a chance to talk about our individual lifestyle changes in the areas of transport, diet and/or energy use, and to share what inspires us, our triumphs and struggles. Religious leaders will speak about their efforts to reduce their own carbon footprint. Living the Change is brought to you by Australian Religious Response to Climate Change, Religions for Peace Australia, Cultural Infusion and United Religions Initiative. Book here:

Climate Council Book Club: The Climate Cure
In his new book, The Climate Cure: Solving the Climate Emergency in the Era of Covid-19,  Professor Tim Flannery explores how 2020 has flipped the climate debate on its head, and exposes who is left standing in the way of action.
In the wake of extreme bushfires during 2019-20, and now COVID-19, a time of reckoning has arrived in Australia. State, Territory and local governments are busy getting on with the job, announcing policies that will create clean jobs and reduce our emissions.
But the Federal Government is wasting this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to protect the people and places we love. It’s time to demand a new approach.
At 6pm on Tuesday 1st December join Chief Councillor Professor Tim Flannery, CEO Amanda McKenzie and Communications Director Lisa Upton as they discuss Professor Tim Flannery’s new book The Climate Cure: Solving the Climate Emergency in the Era of COVID-19. Register here.
Don’t worry if you haven’t read the book! You can read an extract from the book in The Conversation, here!

Wider Church

UC National News
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Moderator Nominations
Rev Denise Liersch, Moderator Synod of Victoria and Tasmania shares the names of the three nominees for Moderator 2022-2025