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Connecting – to God, to others, to place
Church camp is a great opportunity to meet new friends, try something new, have fun – but most importantly – connect with each other! This year we are hosting a virtual camp to allow everyone to join from the comfort of their homes!
Tune in on 23rd of May, with official proceedings kicking off from 3pm, to be a part of a once-in-a-lifetime event!
Check the Connecting website post for all the up to date information and details about the exciting program.

Pentecost Sunday
We will celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit on Sunday 31st May.  Our worship will be offered in the same format that we are currently using at our regular worship time of 9:30am.  This is also Reconciliation Sunday.  The service will also be streamed to the Assembly Facebook page at 10am as part of the Assembly Wide worship series.

Creative projects 
A reminder that you are all very warmly invited to contribute to any or all of the following projects

Celebrating Care
During worship in May we have been celebrating the care offered during isolation.  The final ‘mission spot’ offered in this series will be from Linda Wannan speaking about Olive Pesto during worship on Sunday 24th May.
You can catch up on previous offerings here

Olive Way painting
We are taking the opportunity paint the Olive Way while the space is not open.  Peter Blair would love to hear from anyone who has some time to help prepare the space by clearing out furniture, taking down artwork etc.  Call Peter to offer your time, ‭0431 193 810‬.

Climate Action News

BUC Climate Crisis Action Plan
After some delays due to Covid-19, Church Council is once again working on BUC’s Climate Action Plan (See our Climate Crisis web page for background and Maxine’s video message for a general update.) and will soon be circulating a revised draft for comment from all of you, so stay tuned!

Meanwhile, we’re delighted to announce that BUC has just taken a significant step by switching our Sydney Rd site’s electricity from 20% to 100% GreenPower. In addition to supporting renewable energy generation in Australia (through the 100% GreenPower surcharge), all of our electricity usage is now also offset through high quality Carbon Offset projects. Powershop Australia, our new provider, invests in these on our behalf as part of its standard (and price-competitive) service. Watch this space and the Olive Branch for further information about the switch, including details of Powershop’s “refer a friend” program which would give discount credits both to you and to BUC!

Climate Council
The Climate Council has just released a new report Primed for Action: A Resilent Recovery for Australia. Key findings include:

  • Politicians have listened to expert scientific advice on COVID-19 and acted. It is urgent they do the same with climate change.
  • A resilient recovery from the coronavirus must prepare Australia for the next major threat – climate change. The potential for job creation in the renewables sector is substantial and can set our country up for the 21st Century.
  • Gas has no role to play in building a prosperous, resilient economy for the future. It is volatile, dangerous and unnecessary.
  • Australians are already living with dangerous climate change having experienced record- breaking drought, the Black Summer bushfires and the third mass bleaching event of the Great Barrier Reef in the past five years.
Deidre Palmer speaks at online services on day of School Strike for Climate
If you missed the online Australia-wide services on the day of School Strike for Climate – the Uniting Church President Deidre Palmer spoke at these – you can still watch both services:

Hot Mess
This is the title of a series of programs on Radio National about Climate Change. If you have not listened to this 3 – part programme on Radio National please take time out to do so. You can just Google “Hot Mess Radio National” or follow this link.

  • The first programme examines industry’s efforts to deny climate change.
  • The second is about how right wing think tanks and the media’s campaign to minimise the effect of  climate change.
  • The third is about the political response to the issue of climate change.

Overall this series is a brilliant summary of the systematic efforts to prop up fossil fuel industries. Essential listening if we are to bring about real, lasting change.