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BUC News

Sunday worship
The worship committee with the support of the Church Council and in response to our desire to ensure that the health of individuals and the community are not compromised will be implementing changes to the way we offer worship.

  • Beginning this Sunday 22nd March (and for at least the next three weeks) we will live stream the service at 9:30 via YouTube – search Brunswick Uniting Church
  • We are seeking to make the worship experience as interactive as possible, to this end Dave Hall (CYYA pastor) will continue to offer children’s talks during the service and will send out activity packs to families in advance
  • We encourage you to access the livestream option if you can, rather than coming to worship, and give us feedback on your experience
  • We also encourage the development of small group gatherings into the future to help those who do not have easy access to technology, to maintain face to face community for pastoral care and to develop home worship practices

The worship committee will meet weekly to reflect on these changes, their effectiveness and impact.  We will also be providing information about other ways of worshipping and connecting.  If you have any questions please contact Saide Cameron,, 0407 096 743) or Valentina Satvedi Leydon (, 0456 099 448‬).

BUC – Pastoral Care Teams are Seeking Your Help…..
because You are an important part of our BUC community
At this time of uncertainty regarding COVID-19, and as things change daily, many may feel fearful.
It is important BUC continues to live as a faithful and hopeful community, expressing God’s love for all with a spirit of grace and compassion. As a community, it is important that we all feel we belong and we are cared for, even if we are unable to meet face to face in the various activities normally happening at BUC.
For this to happen, we all need to play our part in caring for each other. We can’t leave it up to a few people on the Pastoral Care Compassion Team, we need to build up all our “communities of care” within BUC. That is, we must make the most of the groups, relationships and contacts that already exist among us. So, we’re asking everyone in our BUC community to:

  1. reflect upon who their groups, friends, and contacts are at BUC, and
  2. approach those networks of people so that communities of care can be established.

All committees and groups within the BUC community are being asked to keep in regular contact with members. If/when a member requires more pastoral care than the group members are able to offer, the Pastoral Care compassion team will be notified and they will endeavour to coordinate assistance from volunteer lists.
We are also working on systems to ensure that no-one “falls through the cracks.” If you are not involved in any committees or groups, or know of someone who might be at risk, please speak to, or make contact with Gwen Arnold – Pastoral Care Church Council Elder (0413047938,, or Yoo Mi (, 0450767645) our Pastoral Care minister during Ian’s absence.
Thank you.

Volunteers needed
Would you be able to assist in the vital Pastoral Care of our wonderful community?
Please let Gwen (04130479, know if you would be available to assist occasionally in:

  • Phoning a member of the BUC community
  • Emailing a member of the BUC community
  • Doing an occasional shop for someone
  • Dropping off a food box or similar to a BUC members doorstep (supplied by PCC Team)
  • Cooking and dropping off a meal to someone
  • Visiting a BUC member (when appropriate)
  • Assisting others with livestream technology
  • Hosting small group gatherings

Looking forward to hearing from you with your offers of support.

BUC News

Olive Arts
The Olive Arts program is in recess for now.  Artists were offered art packs to take home at the session on Wednesday.  If you would like an art pack or know of someone who would benefit from one please contact Ann Soo, (, 0422 842 244).

April & May Roster
The roster is being prepared.  In light of changes being made to the way we offer worship the list of duties has been reduced.  The email request is being resent with the details.  Please respond if you haven’t done so yet.  If you would like to get involved please email for more information or visit Sunday morning rosters in the members area.

The Olive Pages
The 2020 Olive Pages (Directory of contact details and other useful information) will be published on 22nd March.  People who receive the Olive Branch by email will receive a printed version.  If you would like a printed version or if you have any questions please call Saide, 0407 096 743.

Lenten Offering
The Justice & Mission committee encourages everyone to support the Synod of VicTas Lenten Offering Appeal
If you have been filling an envelope at home you are invited to deposit the money you have set aside directly to our church bank account (Uniting Church Brunswick, ANZ Bank Brunswick, 013-236 8687863) identified as Lent Offering or via the information provided in the link.

This beautiful worship series for school aged children and adults returns for three weeks during Lent and Holy Week – 25th March, 1st & 8th April.  There will be some slight changes to the format we have used in the past.  Contact Dave Hall, CYYA pastor, for more information, 0417 310 128.

Welcoming Ceremony & Lunches
The Welcoming Ceremony and Lunches have been cancelled.  We look forward to offering them again later in the year.

Climate Action News

BUC Climate Crisis Action Plan
In November 2019, the congregation declared a Climate Crisis and committed to developing a Climate Crisis Plan by May 2020. The Church Council needs help with drafting, and then implementing this Action Plan!

Marsh: rule out working with Adani!
Although street protests have been cancelled that aimed to pressure Marsh not to provide Adani needs insurance to build their climate-wrecking coal mine. In keeping with recommendations by health experts to exercise social distancing, protest actions against Marsh’s work with Adani have shifted to remote and online actions this week. But there’s no reason why we can’t take these actions together in solidarity, whilst still at home! Join Stop Adani Moreland and others for an hour of online action against Marsh on Friday 20th Marchfrom 1pm-2pm (AEDT) – as activists make calls, write emails and make social media posts together, as a united community (via video conference), rather than in isolation. To join the meeting click on this zoom link at 1pm Friday AEDT: 

Australian Religious Response to Climate Change
ARRCC is a multi-faith network of people committed to climate change. The next Victorian monthly meeting is Sunday 22nd March 5.30-7.30pm via zoom; contact Robert Dawlings <> if you want to join this online zoom meeting and help ARRCC plan and carry out major online actions.