Blessing & Sending

May holy Wisdom,
kind to humanity,
steadfast, sure and free,
the breath of the power of God:
may she who makes all things new, in every age,
enter our souls,
and make us friends of God,
through Jesus Christ.

Go in peace to love and to serve
with the blessing of our God
Mother of creation,
Incarnate Word of Wisdom,
and Breath of Love. Amen.

from All Desires Known, Janet Morley, offered for worship, 9/7

Prayer Points

  • Ministry Team
  • Ecumenical Neighbours
  • Assembly President
  • ASWC
  • CY&YA Committee
  • Property Committee
  • Mulling
  • Hospitality Ministry
  • Sanctuary Movement
  • Indigenous Hospitality House
  • UCA Assembly
  • Creatures of the air