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BUC News

Worship during November-December
We will continue to offer two services each Sunday at 9:30 and 11:30 in order to balance the call of our faith to welcome all and Government vaccination requirements. With the COVID virus in the air, it is simply not safe for us all to meet together in one gathering.  Book herefrom the start of each week.  See Moving Towards Covid Normal for all the details.

Emergence is drawing to a close
Our Visual Arts Exhibition and program of events from 5th-15th November has been wonderful experience so far.  Coming up in the last three days are 2 Open Days (13 & 14/11), the Performance Event (12/11), and the final Artist Spotlight (13/11) with Nasir Moradi.  You can also visit the Virtual Exhibition.  Check out the Emergence Calendar for a quick & easy summary

Olive Pesto
The Olive Pesto Group is looking forward to meeting in the hall on Saturday 13th November from 10-12pm.

Olive Way Operations Co-ordinator – three days to go
In response to the recent Olive Way review a new role has been developed.  See Future Directions for details.  Applications are now called for the role of Olive Way Operations Co-ordinator.  Applications close on 14th November.  The three year position commences on 1st January 2022.  Please share this opportunity with your network.

Community News

Accommodation needed 
This request comes to us via Eva Rugel …
My name is Theodor. I am 15 years old and I would like to stay in Australia for 6 months in 2022. I am from Bremen – the Northern part of Germany, where people say „Moin!, Moin!“ (means kind of Morning! Morning!) all day long.
My family and I stay in a nice old house at an historical peat canal. So there is a chance to go far away from home by ship…
30 years ago my dad cycled across Australia and he often told me about the hospitality and friendly people from „Down Under“. His uncle came to Australia in 1960 and lived in Geelong, but passed away last year.
Eva Rugel, an old friend of my father’s, had the idea for this paper.
So I am looking forward to finding a nice host family for half a year – from February to Juli 2022. (Room rental according to the arrangement)
please contact me:
During my spare time I like doing sports and my favorite one is playing soccer. I`m also interested in politics and history.
p.s.: In my grandparent’s garden we often play cricket with wooden balls through small goals… – please explain the „Australian Cricket“ to me! I won’t leave Australia without learning the complicated rules…

Climate Action News

COP26 climate summit
The UK is hosting the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow on 31 October – 12 November 2021. Despite 30 years of climate diplomacy, urgent and aggressive action is needed to halt global warming. Nature explains what success looks like, and what’s on the line: COP26 climate summit: A scientists’ guide to a momentous meeting.

Praying for COP26
In consultation with the Interfaith Liaison Committee to the UNFCCC, Bishop Philip Huggins and Ms Sarwat Tasneem invite people of faith everywhere to offer prayers and silent meditation for a successful COP26. Many of us believe such prayers, offered with faith, can be transformative. If this is you, these offerings may help. They include a beautiful Quaker prayer written by Linsey Fielder Cook.

In addition the Anglican parish of Queenscliff/Lonsdale in Geelong, Victoria, is offering a 30-minute midday meditation during COP26 from October 31 to November 14. They will be in the church and on Zoom.  The meditation will begin at 12noon with the ringing of the church bell. Join here

BUC Climate Action Group
Would you like to become involved in the BUC Climate Action Group (CAG) which meets online via zoom on the second Saturday of each month? All are welcome to come along to our next  zoom meeting at 4.30pm on 13th November. To find out more about climate action at our church click the earth button on BUC website.

Wider Church News

UC National News, 10-16/11

  • Coming swimming with the Growing in Faith Circle
  • Act2: Considering afresh our life together
  • Young UCA leaders speak for creation
  • A time to act together
  • Welcome to new NCCA President
  • Changing lives in Oodnadatta
  • And more
    • Members of the Assembly Standing Committee who will meet this weekend to continue their ongoing work.
    • New President of the National Council of Churches in Australia Reverend John Gilmore as he offers national ecumenical leadership. We give thanks for the faithful service of outgoing President Bishop Philip Huggins.
    • Rural and remote communities as borders re-open after months of lockdown. We pray people have access to vaccines and healthcare and we pray for the work of our Bush Chaplains in supporting those communities.