Palm Sunday
Join us for all the fun of ecumenical worship on Palm Sunday, 10th April.

Palm Sunday Walk for Justice
Join the Melbourne Palm Sunday Walk for Justice for Refugees on Sunday 10 April from 1.30pm at the State Library, Swanston Street.  Share the poster.

Holy Week worship
Join us for worship during Holy Week. We will continue to use Rita Broadway’s series of 10 paintings ‘Seeing through the eyes of Jesus to inspire and shape our worship.

Stations of the Cross
The Way of the Cross in the City of Melbourne offers 14 stations of the cross.  It is possible to do the walk in your own time at any time of the year as a private meditation, using the liturgy and map of the route available on the Melbourne City Churches in action website:  See page 5 of the April Olive Branch for the story.

On leave
Ian Ferguson and Dave Hall will be on leave in the week following Holy Week.  We will welcome Rev. Deac. Jeanne Beale, one of our Presbytery Ministers as our preacher for worship on Sunday 24th April.

Pastoral Care Ministry – join a team
The Pastoral Care Oversight Committee has made progress in refreshing the pastoral care teams for 2022.  Read the story on page 6 of the April Olive Branch or contact a committee member – Ian Ferguson, Gwen Arnold, Jane Allardice or Lyn Anderson.

Olive Way – Volunteers needed
The Olive Way has regained its pre-covid numbers.  This week we served between 35-45 people for lunch and our volunteers are being run off their feet!
If you would like to become a part of the Olive way team, helping out preparing and cooking food, cleaning up or chatting to people, please contact Ruth or Peter at or Peter on  0431 193 810.  Our lunch days are Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 9:30-1:30.

Climate Action

Switching Electricity Providers
Brunswick UC has switched to a better provider for our electricity.  You can make the switch and support the church to get discounted electricity through referral.  Find out more.

BUC Climate Action Group
To find out more about climate action at our church click the earth button on BUC website or contact Richard Arnold The next meeting of the Climate Action Group will be in May (instead of April).

Synod Social Justice Convention
Brunswick Uniting Church has been invited to lead a workshop for the Synod Social Justice Convention on Saturday 30 April. The topic of the workshop is “How Brunswick Uniting went about declaring a Climate Crisis”. Shawn Whelan is taking the lead on this and is keen to hear who hopes to be attending the Convention. Check out the Convention brochure or register online.

Earthworker Smart Energy Co-operative
The Jesuit Social Services are running this initiative in conjunction with Earthworker Cooperative to do draft sealing and increasing energy efficiency for low income households.  Find out more.

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