Nourish is back for two sessions this school holidays.  The evening begins with toasties in the Olive Way and games in the hall.  The host for the evening then invites us to remove our shoes and enter into the story space.  On 10th April we listened as Julie Perrin told a story called The Faces of Easter.  Julie also likes to refer to it as the Mystery of Easter.  Julie wondered which part of the story was the most important and where we are in relation to the story.  She invited us to draw our responses and place them with the beautiful images.  Then Ian invited us to the table to share Holy Communion.

Janet Watson Kruse and Ann Soo will guide the 17th – the day before Maundy Thursday.  Come along for toasties and games at 6:00, ready for story telling at 6:30pm.

Nourish is created and offered especially for primary aged children but all are welcome.  Contact Janet Watson Kruse, 0425 71 71 79, for more information.