Music in Worship
Music shapes the flow of our worship and enhances the sacred space.  We aim to encompass a breadth of musical styles, while allowing the congregation to participate fully.

Each week a different group of musicians come together to offer their gifts in leading worship. We are very lucky to have 30 gifted musicians on our music roster, and are also mentoring and developing the gifts of a number of younger musicians.

We love exploring creative ways to use songs and music in worship – as introits, prayers, responses, readings or blessings, in praise or lament, to tell stories or to respond to God’s call. We link our music choices to the biblical themes of the day, and make sure to choose at least one song that’s accessible to even the youngest child, using actions and words for young readers. We also enjoy singing songs from different parts of the world and in other languages, celebrating our diversity and membership of the worldwide body of Christ.

Tune In & BUC Song Project

We have a number of wonderfully gifted songwriters in our congregation, and often sing their original songs in our worship.

In 2007 we released our very own songbook Tune In! (now out of print, but follow the link for full book and individual song downloads). We continue to collect and share new songs for congregational singing.

Recordings for video services

A number of songs have been recorded by BUC musicians for use in our live-streamed services.

Our musicians are happy for you to use them for your own services, private prayer, etc. (If you’re streaming them, please check your licences are in order in relation to the original authors, as if you were using them in a service.)

Click on the heading above to see the growing list of songs available.

A member of our congregation, Natalie Sims, maintains a website suggesting songs based on the biblical themes for each Sunday. She says ‘I like singing and I like the Lectionary, so I really like suggesting songs for other people to sing at church!’

Visit Singing from the Lectionary for more information about Natalie’s passions, and to get an idea of the variety of songs you might be invited to sing at Brunswick Uniting Church.