We’re nearly there!

We’ve had 40 responses so far, showing wonderful generosity across a wide range of personal circumstances. Examples include:

  • People doubling, or significantly increasing, their weekly or monthly giving
  • People giving a few hundred or even a few thousand dollars to either the Current Mission Fund (for all mission) or the Joan Gilchrist Fund (for Olive Way)
  • Two donations of $10,000, a donation of $20,000, and even a donation of $80,000 (as well as a re-pledged donation of $40,000 over three years, which was already included in our budget but is still remarkable!)

Altogether, we’ve received pledges for:

  • An extra $41,000 per year in regular offerings (that’s $205,000 over 5 years!)
  • $141,350 in newly pledged donations to specific funds

Thank you so much!

Read on now for information about Council’s review of the our financial projections and a further invitation to respond to the Mission Appeal.