Migrant Mothers:  Moreland‘ was a five month community art project for 50 migrant women in the City of Moreland.  The project provided several free scratch board art workshops run at community centres in order to create artworks as well as a collaborative zine for distribution to the local community.  The project encouraged social creativity as well as helping the broader community to understand the intertwined stories of migration and motherhood.

Scratchboard is an easy, cheap and simple art skill which can be easily practiced at home, regardless of gender, age or physical ability.  This skill is used for creating decorations, posters and illustration as it has unique effect for creating distinctive images.

The project was coordinated by UB (You Lee) with lead artist Mahla Karimiyan.

Support was provided by City of Moreland, Lentara Uniting Care Sydney Rd, East Coburg Community Hubs, Melbour Artists for Asylum Seekers, Arena Publications, Auspicious Arts Projects.


Rahil Nozari

Queen of Beauty

Nazi Kakavand


Shohre Astaraki

Migrant Mothers

Participating artists:  Douha, Eghlim, Fania, Fern, Hynju, Hebah, Isabella, Irmgard, Ida, Kylie, Jenny, Johany, Lu, Mary, Nadiyah, Nazi, Ngoc, Rahil, Romi, Rele, Samantha, Sam, Shohre, Tram, Zahla, Ying, Yipla, and others without names