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Vision & Values

Brunswick Uniting Church strives to be a Christian community who loves God, seeks wisdom, cares for and engages with each other, the wider community and the earth, travelling with justice and love. Together …

  1. We worship
  2. We welcome all
  3. We care for each other and nurture our faith
  4. We engage with the local and global community.
  5. We enable the ministries of our church.

Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan 2018-21  is intended to guide the work of the Church Council as it leads Brunswick UC.  This plan is the product of various sources including the 2016 Mission Planning Report, feedback from committees and discernment by Council.

Congregation Meetings

We hold two meetings each year:

  • Annual General Meeting in February.
    The main agenda item is presentation of the Olive Harvest (our collection of Annual Reports)
  • Congregational Meeting in November.
    The main agenda items are Election of Elders and Budget Presentation.


Everyone is welcome to attend and participate in the meeting. We use the Consensus model (orange, yellow, blue cards) which is explained at the meetings.

However eligibility for voting in the election of Elders is based on meeting at least one of the following criteria:

  • you are a Confirmed member of Brunswick Uniting Church
  • you are a Member in Association of Brunswick Uniting Church, ie confirmed in another denomination
  • you have participated in a Welcoming Ceremony
  • you have been worshipping with BUC for at least 6 months


At Brunswick we have adopted some local practices to help us define membership.  We encourage people who are not baptised or confirmed to consider if they would like to discuss these options with our minister.  Baptism is the sacrament by which we are incorporated into the body of Christ.  Please contact Ian Ferguson (0438 547 842).

Secondly, we encourage Uniting Church confirmed & baptised members to transfer their membership to Brunswick.

Thirdly, we recognize that for some people formal church membership is not what they are looking for at present and we offer an opportunity for people to name Brunswick UC as their spiritual home through Welcoming Ceremonies.

Welcoming Ceremonies

The Welcoming Ceremony is not in itself a transfer of formal church membership (which the Uniting Church has) but we do encourage those who would like to transfer their membership to the Brunswick congregation to do so.  The Welcoming Ceremony would then become the public face of this transfer.  We also recognise that for some church membership in this formal sense is not an issue, but people can still name Brunswick as their “spiritual home”.

We ask these questions

  • To those who are being welcomed: “Do you name the Brunswick Uniting Church congregation as your community of faith and do you commit yourself to actively participating within this community?”                        I do.
  • To the congregation: “Do you joyfully receive these people as fellow travellers along the way of discipleship, and do you commit yourself as a community of Jesus Christ to maintain the life of faith?”                        We do.

Renewal Process

Brunswick Uniting Church was formed from the merger of several earlier congregations, most recently (in 2005) St. Andrew’s and South West Brunswick.  Part of the vision for the 2005 merger was to explore new opportunities for vibrant worship and effective ministry to the community around us.  In planning for this future we considered how we could better use the site, including possible renovations to our worship centre and other buildings.

The first step in this Renewal process was the preparation of our Concept Statements, which talk about the Values, Treasures and Needs that informed our brief to our architect.

For a record of the works in progress have a look at BUC Renewal Process, a collection of pictures and reports describing the building phase from April to November 2010.
You can also view our Open Day Celebrations.