Christian meditation groups at Brunswick Uniting are open to new and experienced meditators and include a time of silence (usually 15 to 20 minutes). The teaching we follow is that of the World Community For Christian Meditation, founded by Benedictine monk Fr John Main.

Meditation is a way of paying attention, and taking the focus away from ourselves and our internal ‘chatter’ and distractions. It can become a practice which can mirror our whole life and give us the freedom to live life in its fullness.

Meditation is well known in places like India, but it is also part of our Christian tradition stretching back to Jesus himself.

The gospels have much to say about meditative Prayer.

  • In Mathew (Mt 6: 6-7) Jesus teaches about prayer and praying in your quiet place.
  • In Mark (1: 35) and Luke (6:12) Jesus is described as going to a lonely place and praying there for long periods of time. Jesus prayed in quiet places without too many words.

In the Twentieth Century people like Thomas Merton, Thomas Keating and John Main have been important. John Main rediscovered the roots of meditation within his own Benedictine order, and he is the teacher who we follow today.

John Main taught that when we meditate we need to find a quiet place. He recommended the word ‘Maranatha’ as a mantra. This is an ancient Aramaic word meaning ‘come Lord’.

We recite this word in four syllables in harmony with our breath. We recite it and listen to it silently and interiorly for the whole of our meditation time. We aim to meditate in the morning and evening for between 20 and 30 minutes.

We are currently meeting via a WhatsApp group on Monday and Thursday at 8 am.
Contact Richard Arnold on 0407796429 to join the WhatsApp group.

The meetings are meant to encourage participants to meditate each day in the morning and evening for about 25 minutes. We say that meditation is very simple but not always easy. The important thing is to do it and to try and do it regularly.

Meditation is gaining popularity in the church, in schools and in the workplace. The important thing about Christian meditation is that it has a long tradition, is grounded in scripture and it is free!

Contact Richard, 0407 796 429, for more information.