Worship on Maundy Thursday offered three invitations

  • to wash our hands or feet, remembering Jesus washing his disciples feet
  • to remember Jesus last meal, sharing bread and juice
  • to walk with Jesus into the darkness, participating in a Tenebrae liturgy.

You can read the full order of service here.
You can watch the recorded service again here.

In Darkness, the final song in this service was written for Maundy Thursday in 2016 by Julia Potter.
Julia and Elaine Potter recorded this version for the Maundy Thursday 2020 service, unfortunately it wasn’t included in the final compilation of the service.  We hope that you enjoy listening to it now in your own time.

Please join us for worship on

  • Good Friday, 10th April, 9:30am
  • Prayers with Peter McKinnon, 10am on Saturday
  • Easter Day, 12th April, 9:30am, Holy Communion